10 of the coolest playgrounds on the planet because you’re never too old

Playgrounds are absolutely the best things ever. There is something so awesome about cool, bright structures that are meant only for playing. Our only regret is that we ever stopped going to them in the first place! Playgrounds continue to be awesome, so we gathered a list of some of the coolest looking ones around. Take a look at this amazing list, and then head outside, because it’s time to play!

1 This 30-foot tall climbing pyramid in Saratoga Springs, Utah.


We are super jealous of all the kids who live in Saratoga Springs, because this looks ridiculously fun. A 30-foot tall climbing pyramid? Who knew such awesomeness could even exist?!

2 Nishi Rokugo Park, Tokyo.

This awesome park is made up of recycled tires and even has a tire dinosaur. This fun, eco friendly park brings out the kid in all of us.

3 Takino Suzura National Park Playground.

This beautiful playground was covered in crochet by artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, and it took her three years to make it.

4 Brooklyn’s Playground in Pocatello, IA.

This playground led by the parents of Brooklyn Fisher, a local girl with spina bifida. It’s meant to be inclusive and is accessible to kids in the district with disabilities. There are ramps to all play areas, accessible swings, and solid surfaces all over.

5 Bounce Below in Wales, which is in an actual cave.

This underground playground built an old mine shaft includes trampolines, nets, and awesomeness all around.

6 This “Jungle Gym” in Nashville, TN.

A 35-foot tall tree house, a cargo net climbing area, and giant snake shaped tunnel? This playground is seriously so cool!

7 This slide based playground built by Elemental Studio in Santiago, Chile.

We love the use of orange and the never ending slides look so magical.

8 This blue whale playground in Gothenburg, Sweden.

It’s as totally surreal as it is beautiful.

9 This nature inspired playground in Westport, CT.

We love the chill nature vibes worked into the playground structure.

10 “The Land” in Wales.

This playground is literally filled with trash! Kids can play with hammers, climb trees, and build fire in this adventure playground (with adult supervision, of course).


These cool and creative parks from around the world just go to show that being a kid is awesome! Why would anyone choose to grow up when there’s so many cool playgrounds to play on? We certainly don’t want to!