10 Movies All Besties Should Watch Together

Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself, “Ughhh why am I not watching this with my bestie?!” Because movies about best friends are obviously way better when you watch them with your actual best friend. Here are some really great movies that fit the bill—they’re about friendship and love and bestieship, and it might actually be illegal to watch these movies not in the presence of your closest friend.

1. Now and Then

It was just as great of a friendship movie THEN as it is NOW (sorry, had to). There is nothing more heart-warming and encouraging than a story of four best friends who grow up and do their own thing, but continue to be best friends, despite their differences. Friendships aren’t always meant to last forever, but best friend friendships are.

2. Friends With Money

Not all best friends are created equal. Some have money, some don’t. Some are unhappily married, some are happily single. Some are happy with their career, some are happy not having a career. People are different, but the best part of friendship is overcoming those differences and supporting each other through all of it.

3. Whip It

Be who you want to be and let the good times roll! But do it with the support of your bestie, because it’s more fun that way.

4. Thelma and Louise

Best friends ’til the end! But maybe shoot for a happier ending.

5. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Because when you need your best friend, she shows up (and might even bring you something fun… like pants).

6. A League of Their Own

All the Way Mae, Doris, Dottie Hinson, Betty Spaghetti, Marla Hooch = the realest friendship.

7. Beaches

Friendship means loving each other and being by each other’s side through all things life and all things death. And if you need to adopt your best friend’s daughter, you do it, because that’s what friends do.

8. Fried Green Tomatoes

Because it never hurts to be reminded of how valuable friendship is and how lucky you are to have it. That, and all things fried are delicious.

9. My Girl

Vada and Thomas J remind us to appreciate the time we have together and have as much fun as possible. And not to look for mood rings near bee hives if we’re allergic to bees.

10. Bridesmaids

Friendship isn’t just about loving and supporting each other, it’s also about throwing temper tantrums and being forgiven, getting sick in front of each other and being okay with it and hiring Wilson Phillips to perform at your best friend’s wedding.

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