Here are 10 movies you had absolutely no idea Carrie Fisher helped write

We continue to be bereft at the news of Carrie Fisher’s death. Honestly, we fear we will never recover. After all, Carrie Fisher was — and continues to be — a role model to us all. But while most of us will remember her as feminist heroine Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher had a successful career in another part of Hollywood: screenwriting.

Yes, Carrie Fisher was a successful script doctor on several Hollywood films.  A script doctor, in case you don’t know, is someone who “touches up” the jokes, plot, or dialogue of the screenplay. And, according to Entertainment Weekly, Carrie Fisher was the most sought-after script doctor in town. Not that we are surprised. We are all well-aware of Carrie Fisher’s wicked smart sense of humor.

When asked how one becomes involved in script doctoring, Carrie suggested:

"Read a lot. Generally if you want to become a goes from inclination to obligation. You like to write in the beginning; maybe you keep journals or you write stuff."

Below, in no particular order, are 10 films Carrie Fisher helped write:


Hook is an underrated classic, and one we can’t recommend enough. The alternative story of Peter Pan stars Robin Williams as the title character, with Dustin Hoffman in a career-changing role as Captain Hook. In fact, Carrie Fisher and George Lucas have a secret cameo at the beginning of the movie: they’re the couple kissing on the bridge! See below:

2Sister Act

Another classic 90’s comedy, this one starred Whoopi Goldberg hiding out with a bunch of nuns. Chock-full of strong female characters, it’s no surprise that Carrie Fisher’s fingers were all over this.

3Lethal Weapon 3

While Lethal Weapon’s mix of comedy and violence received mixed reviews, it made $321.7 million dollars in 1992—which back then was even a more astounding figure than it is now.

As Carrie Fisher said of her own style:

I’m a good script doctor because I respect the original tone or dialect of the original and try to rewrite it according to what it is already. I write good love scenes and I write good women. I have good lines in different films... also Lethal Weapon 3, Outbreak, and Hook, which Spielberg got me to do.  There’s usually not a lot of me in it, just some line I put in it. Sometimes I forget which movies I did and then they’ll come on TV.

4Last Action Hero

Another underrated comedy, Last Action Hero stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a fictional film action hero who ends up magically transported into the real world. While the movie bombed in the box office, it would later become a cult classic.

5So I Married An Axe Murderer

With a title like that, who wouldn’t want to watch this movie? We’re also noticing a comedy trend here, Carrie!


This 1995 disaster film about the outbreak of a deadly virus is one of the quintessential medical disaster films. Oh, and the cast is amazing.

7The Mirror Has Two Faces

Barbra Streisand under the wisdom of Carrie Fisher? Now that’s a dynamic duo!

8The Wedding Singer

If one person could understand the hilarious drama of relationships (not to mention weddings), it was certainly the acerbic Carrie Fisher.

9Scream 3

Scream 3 might, by far, be the funniest of the Scream films…and the most satirical (Remember the film-within-the-film conceit?). It’s certainly the most meta.

10Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones

As The Mary Sue points out, this is one film Carrie Fisher might wish she wasn’t associated with:

Even Fisher’s writing skills and Star Wars savvy must not have been enough to save those projects! Not all patients can be cured, as every doctor knows.

Carrie Fisher, we will forever miss your wit, wisdom, and overall badassness.

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