10 manicures inspired by “Sleeping Beauty” that are better than any prince

All you Disney princess fans out there, boy do we have a treat for you. There are now manicures inspired by Sleeping Beauty and they are definitely better than any prince. Okay, maybe Ryan Gosling as Prince Phillip would be better, but that’s the only exception.

In fact, we’ve found 10 amazing examples of nail art that Princess Aurora would approve of! These Sleeping Beauty manicures are truly magical and we want to ask our nail lady to create them for us as soon as possible.

Hello, princess!

All hail Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty! Come on, this drawing of the princess and her crown are unreal.

Pretty, but deadly.

Ugh, that stupid spinning wheel – it was the worst! Luckily, in nail art form, the wheel is magical and pops against this candy pink color and we’re totally into it.


You don’t need to show your love for Sleeping Beauty with a character’s face on your nails, you can simply paint them a pretty shade of pink and add a crown or two and Aurora will know it’s for her.

Maleficent shout out.

Even Disney villains get a little nail love every now and then. While we are definitely Team Aurora, we are fans of this intricate story scheme being brought to life through nail art. It’s awesome.

A rose by any other name.

What’s prettier than pastel nails fit for a Disney Princess? Adding in one focal nail that has a gorgeous rose design on it, obviously.

Fairy approved!

We are geeking out over this ode to the three good fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. They are so spot-on.

Pretty in pink.

If you aren’t into characters being painted on your manicure, you can still channel your inner Aurora with this pretty pink and glitter polish.

3D Sleeping Beauty drama.

It’s all about the 3D designs with this nail art and they’re pretty spectacular don’t you think? There are raised prints, crazy designs and of course numerous Sleeping Beauty shout outs like the Maleficent dragon design and Aurora etching.


Let your dark side out.

We get that some people would rather pay tribute to Maleficent — she’s a villain so we don’t fully get this idea, but whatever — and this nail look definitely does that. Switching off every other nail with a special print like Maleficent’s horns or the spinning wheel is very cool.

The best of both worlds.

For those of you who can’t decide which character is your favorite in Sleeping Beauty, this creation has you covered. It has Aurora looking beautiful on one hand, while Maleficent and her scary horns are honored on the other. Plus, who doesn’t love a pink nail base?

We love all these Sleeping Beauty options and need to go try one (or all of them) ASAP!

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