10 Great LGBTQ Films You Can Stream Through Netflix

Netflix binge watching often means sitting down for an hour or two of 30 Rock or Buffy episodes you’ve seen a million times before. The streaming service has more to offer than Breaking Bad, and a great place to start to broaden your Netflix horizons is the site’s LGBTQ section. Beyond classics like Rent and Brokeback Mountain, there are comedies, dramas and documentaries that cover the spectrum. And while all your friends perfect their Walter White impressions, you’ll have the best movie recommendations at your next party.
1. G.B.F

A cute teen comedy, this movie is worth watching for the constant game of “What was she in?” alone (and to save you some time on IMDB, yes that is JoJo).

2. Camp

Before she was in Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick was singing Sondheim in Camp, with the kind of swagger that only comes from poisoning your competition. And while the film can be a great comedy, the opening scene following a gay teenager shut out of his prom will leave you in need of a tissue.

3, Were the World Mine

 It’s a musical, it’s a giant Shakespearean reference, it’s movie that sees homophobes suddenly struck by same-sex passions.

4. Chasing Amy

A movie that was before its time in terms of questioning the way we need to label sexuality, Chasing Amy follows a comic book artist as he falls in love with his lesbian friend.

5. Lost and Delirious 

Once you get over how young some of your favorite TV stars were (yes, Megan Draper and Marissa Cooper were practically babies) this story about two girls in love at an all girl school and one’s fear of discovery that ends their relationship is completely gripping.

6. Any Day Now

Any Day Now follows a gay couple in the 1970s as the informally adopt a mentally challenged child who was neglected by his mother, and the custody battle that ensues after their relationship is discovered. Alan Cumming’s performance as the trans performer turned dad is wonderful.

7.Another Country

Set in a British all boys school during the 1930s, high school politics are a little different. Guy Bennet, an openly gay student is still an outcast, but he’s joined on his island of misfit toys by a Marxist. Still, their fears of being different know no bounds.

8. Boys Don’t Cry

Based on the true story of Brandon Teena, a trans man who was killed in 1993, the film won Hilary Swank her first Oscar. It’s sometimes hard to watch, but it’s an important reminder that there are still hate crimes being committed more than ten years later.

9. We Were Here

Following the emergence of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s, this documentary tells the story of the gay community and its allies as they fought for patients’ rights. Earning 100% on Rotten Tomatoes should be enough of an endorsement to check out this important movie.

10. Blue is the Warmest Color

The foreign movie you’ve been meaning to see. Your friend who’s into foreign films said you had to see it, the reviews said you had to see it, and now it’s just waiting for you. You can deal with the subtitles, the chemistry between the two leads is universal.

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