10 Instagrammers You Don’t Want to Be

I’m the first to admit that I am def on the Instagram bandwagon. With almost 900 pictures, I consider myself somewhat of an expert, if you know what I mean. With that said, I do have some pet peeves with my favorite app. Listen closely, peeps, you may have fallen victim to one of these bad characters.

1. The Narcissist. You know the ones…the selfies. “Here I am in my car…in my room, at the beach…at Starbucks, at any other normal everyday place! Look at me! I’m so cute!”

2. The Insecure Teenager. “I look sooooo horrible in this picture, but I’m posting it anyways!” We all know you’re fishing for compliments, so don’t play coy in your replies.

3. The 24 Hour Poster. Posts multiple pictures in a period of 24 hours. So many you’ve begun to scroll past them in your feed.

4. The 2-Weeker. Posts a picture every 2 weeks and you never see them.

5. The Para-grammer. The IG-er who writes a novel for their caption. This is “insta-gram.” Not “let’s write a novel and get it published”-gram.

6. The Non-Caption. Never hashtags or writes a caption. What am I looking at here, people?! A fountain? A swan? Your car? Someone else’s car? The car next door? Give me some kind of explanation!

7. The Pic Stealer. The one who posts an awesome picture and doesn’t give credit where credit is due, and then you find out that it isn’t even their picture. A little piece of your picture trust will die inside me. Have fun with that.

8. The Infinite Hashtagger. #the #iger #that #hashtags #every #word #in #the #sentence #and #wants #tomakesurethatitisthelongesthastaginthehistoryofhastagsthatbytheendofityouwillwanttogougeyoureyeballsoutwithspoons

9. The Irrelevant Hashtagger. The IGer that puts hashtags with their photo that have nothing to do with their picture. Also the IGer that does the whole #bestoftheday, etc etc etc. Who are you to say your pic is the best? You’re just a “like” spammer.

10. The Quoter. The IGer that posts inspirational quotes to keep you going. Good in theory, but we all know no one is going to actually listen. Be the Change You Want to See in the World? Who has time for that?

Now we’ve all been one or five of these characters, but please keep them to a minimum.

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