10 Human-Animal Selfies That Went Awry

For the most part, animals just don’t get the whole #selfie trend – particularly wild animals. Sure, there are a few class clowns in the animal kingdom that continue to dominate the selfie game, but those are few and far between. Kim Kardashian learned this lesson the hard way during her recent trip to Thailand. She tried to snap a photo with a gorgeous elephant and….it didn’t go well, as you can see.

The majestic beast thwarted her selfie attempt by using its trunk to try and grab hold of Kim’s beautiful long locks. She wisely scurried away before the elephant latched on. Mama K had a much smoother bonding session.

And look, I know you’re probably thinking, Well it is a wild animal! What did she expect? But in order to up your selfie game, you need to take chances, right? That’s all Kim was doing here. The trainer was right there and it was clearly a safe enough environment to give it a shot. It could happen to any of us.

Just like these brave souls below. Each of them had the chance to capture a moment with a cool animal that they could cherish forever, and they took it. It just, uh, didn’t turn out how they expected. Here are nine other human-animal selfies that went awry.

9. Camel Selfie

I’m gonna go out on a limb for this camel and assume the poor thing was probably just hangry. If that is the case, I think we can all relate, right? And no, the woman did not get devoured by the camel. Just really freaked out, I’m guessing.

8. Dog Selfie

Somebody is ready for their own reality show.

7. Fish Selfie

This is more of a photobomb than a selfie, but the timing of it was just so spectacular, it had to be included. You sassy fish.

6. Cat Selfie

Further proof that cats don’t care about your plans. They’ll do whatever they damn well please.

5. Dog Selfie

Evil genius in the making? Yes, I think so.

4. Llama Selfie

Always a bridesmaid… “No, really, I’m like soooo happy for you two. For real.” – said the very jealous llama.

Again, more photobomb than selfie, but still amazing.

3. Cat Selfie

I’m sensing some danger ahead.

2. Horse Selfie

Okay, ready guys? Everybody say “CHEEEEEESE.”

1. Bear Selfie

Fun’s over – start the car. Seriously. Start. The. Car.

Have you had a similar animal selfie mishap? Share with us! 

Featured image via dailymail, additional images via dailymail, HuffingtonPost, Buzzfeed, and JustSomething

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