10 Hopes and Dreams for the Final Season of ‘True Blood’

Oh, True Blood. What happened to you? You used to be my favorite show, but then things got weird. And not in a good way, either. Even Alan Ball, producer and creator, bailed after the fifth season –not exactly a good sign. The show was definitely heading downhill before that, though. Sookie and Bill called it quits, Bill became an egomaniac, and I didn’t find season five’s rigorous religious theme all that interesting. Season six focused on the war between humans and vampires, while Bill struggled with his super vampire abilities. Even for True Blood, I found myself going, “WTF” way too many times. The writers were clearly struggling to make things work, and it showed. The sharp, bizarre, and sexy vampire show turned into a cheesy daytime television drama, which is why I’m guessing HBO is letting it meet its True Death.

From the looks of it, season seven looks like a crossbreed between The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries. The “sick” vampires who have been infected with whatever man-made virus we saw spreading last season have taken over Bon Temps and the US government wants nothing to do with this disaster. Yikes. You can watch the preview here:


But before all this goes down, these are my final wishes for a show I’ve followed for seven years. R.I.P., True Blood.

1. Please let Eric live for one more season!

The last time we saw Eric Northman, he was being scorched to death because he decided to use his new freedom to exist in daylight to catch up on some naked sunbathing R&R on top of an icy mountain. If this is how Eric dies, I don’t even think I’ll bother with the last season, to be honest.

2. I want Sookie and Bill to reconnect

I’m cool with Sookie finally finding contentment with being alone, but I can’t let go of early True Blood Sookie and Bill. They were SO CUTE and romantic together! I can understand why Sookie would never want to deal with Bill again, though. He tried to suck the life force out of her once, and then he turned into a demon-savior-vampire. Not exactly boyfriend material. Still, Billith, you have a special place in my heart.

3. No more Lilith nonsense

Like I said before, I though the whole biblical plot-line the last two seasons followed was stupid. I get that True Blood is not just a show about vampires, but is also a satire that comments on society and our downfalls, but the whole thing with Lilith’s blood and Bill becoming a born-again believer in the Book of Vampyr was just so far-fetched and campy, I could hardly watch. The only redeeming quality of season five was Russel Edgington’s return, because we all know he’s the best villain, ever.

4. We find out if Tara’s mom gave her the virus.

Remember in one of the last scenes in season six where Lettie Mae lets her daughter feed off her to make up for being such a terrible mom? I was cringing the entire time because I have a feeling that offering was not made with the best intentions. And if I’m right, let’s hope Tara gets her revenge.

5. Eric and Pam need to make up

Eric can be so cruel sometimes. Who couldn’t love Pam? She’s one of the best characters with some of the best one-liners (besides Lafayette of course) in True Blood. In season six, Eric releases Pam and basically tells her to scram. This, of course leaves Pam a total wreck because he’s been such an asshole to her these last two seasons. If Eric is still alive, he needs to amend for his wrongdoings and apologize to Pam. She deserves at least that.

6. Tara and Pam should make it official

I love how Tara puts Pam in her place, yet truly cares for her. Someone needs to do those things. Pam may be a vampire, but she’s not totally heartless.

7. Lafayette learns to control his powers

Okay, Lafayette. You need to stop letting dead people control your body. It causes drama, and it certainly doesn’t look fun for you.

8. Sookie and Tara should make up and remain BFF

I know Tara is still upset that Sookie turned her into a vampire, but what was she supposed to do? Let her die? Tara, you need to let bygones be bygones. Sookie is your best friend for life, and if the vampire apocalypse happens, she will need someone there for her. That is, if you’re not one of the infected vampires.

9. Arlene should get a happy ending

This plotline was just sad, and I feel like Todd Lowe just wanted out of the show. Arlene has like, three or four kids and her husband ordered his own assassination. Give the lady a break!

10. Let Alcide remain shirtless for most of the season

Enough said.


Bill says “Sookeh!” at least five times.

What do you guys hope will happen in the very last season of True Blood?

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