10 of Hillary Clinton’s most inspiring tweets in honor of her 70th birthday

Today is former Secretary of State, Senator, First Lady, and 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s seventieth birthday, and here at Coveteur HQ, we’d like to join the millions of people around the world wishing her a very happy one.

It’s hard to believe that at this time last year, we were mere weeks away from watching what we thought would be the election of our first ever Madam President. Despite the disappointing (to say the least) turn of events, Hillary still holds a monumental place in history and our hearts as a powerful, inspiring, and formidable woman. It’s nearly impossible to adequately surmise how much she means to so many people, so we’ll let her ten most inspiring Tweets from the past year speak for themselves.

We’ve all seen how dark the world can be sometimes—over the last 12 months, especially—so we recommend taking a moment to read these messages of hope, which serve as a reminder that we truly are stronger together. Happy Birthday, Hillary, and thank you for getting us that much closer to breaking the final glass ceiling.

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