10 Halloween weddings that were spooky AND gorgeous

Halloween is right around the corner. JK it’s tonight. No more corners, no more countdowns, Halloween is finally here. And, wouldn’t ya know: Over the weekend, lots of people got married. Many of those people happen to be huge Halloween fans and turned their wedding days into badass, spooky and gorgeous Halloween weddings.

Thankfully, plenty of Halloween weddings were documented on Instagram — because what’s a Halloween wedding without sharing the pictures with the world? From the dress, to the decorations to the food — everything about these Halloween weddings are exactly what you’d expect out of a day of the dead-themed wedding day.

1. That dress. Those flowers. It’s all so Tim Burton and perfect.

2. We LOVE these vows from this couple’s Halloween-inspired wedding day.


3. This bride killed her bridesmaids, and they still stood up for her. #friendshipgoals

4. Now that’s a wedding dinner we’d like to get our fingers on.

5. The most adorably festive way for guests to find their seats.

6. Riding in style. Hearse style.

7. A spooky and super rad wedding cake.

8. Threatening your guests is a must at a Halloween wedding.

9. We are so impressed by the level of DEADication this groom has to Halloween.

10. These guys didn’t get the “’til death do we part” memo.

May they all live happily ever after.

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