10 Halloween-themed wedding ideas for those looking to say “I boo”

In our humble opinions, Halloween is basically the best holiday ever. The weather is cool, the creativity is flowing, and it’s basically the best time to throw an awesome party…perhaps, the most awesome party?

Which is why we’ve collected 10 Halloween-themed wedding ideas for those looking to embrace the happy holiday that is All Hallows’ Eve and make it count. Plus, you’ll never forget your anniversary when you share it with everyone’s favorite creepy, theatrical holiday. Pretty genius, right?

From deliciously campy Halloween to classy sophisticated fall-themes, October is ripe for a gorgeously unique wedding.


Here are some tips and ideas for a stellar Halloween wedding…

1Pinch those pennies.


Halloween decor can be delightfully cheap and right on theme, which is awesome when you’re already paying for a venue, dress, DJ, favors, officiant, flowers…the list goes on. Hitting up craft stores like Michaels to DIY a few things will be fun and frugal in the long run.

2Get a little folksy.

How cute are these poison apple cake pops to hand out as guests leave? Creativity is right at home at a Halloween-inspired wedding…

3A black lip feels right at home.

Not into the super sweet lovey-dovey mushy type stuff? Fine! Don’t fake it on your wedding day if it’s just not your thing. A dark, gothic wedding can be just as gorgeous — just think of yourself as a grown up Wednesday Addams.

4Decor is a no brainer…

Lean in to pumpkin everything (pumpkin spice lattes at dessert?) and incorporate the happy orange staple into your decor, food (omg, pumpkin ravioli), centerpieces — wherever you find room. This guest book station is tasteful and easy to DIY.

5…but leaves room for lots of creativity!

“Pumpkins don’t come in just bright orange,” says this pretty photo’s caption. Ivory pumpkins blend in with neutrals and add a sophisticated air to table tops and centerpieces.

6Your place cards are as good as done.

Grab a sharpie and your artsiest friend and get scribbling. These place cards are so cute and double as a party favor (also, giving them away solves the “what do I do with 100+ baby pumpkins the next day?” issue).

7For when you’re not super into orange there’s:

#allblackeverything. Spooky, sexy, and total Halloween vibes.

8Go multicultural.

Gorgeous Dia de los Muertos decor is everywhere come October, and it combines bright colors, love, and a super-spooky twist.

9Darkly beautiful blooms.

Seasonally, fall flowers make gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces. Lush dahlias and romantic calla lilies come in oranges and purples and can subtly hint at a Halloween-theme or really emphasize one.

10Wink at your favorite Halloween movie for a personal touch.

This Nightmare Before Christmas tiered cake is a total showstopper. Don’t be surprised if you see friends and family dipping off to take a selfie with an incredible, themed Halloween cake — it’s the perfect place to go bold if you’re on the fence about how much is too much.

Most importantly, remember to stay calm and enjoy the preparation as much as you can. Planning is part of the fun, as much as it makes you want to pull your hair out at times. Plus, just think: If you throw yourselves a Halloween wedding, you get to binge on crazy discounted candy the very next day. Now that’s sweet.

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