Here are 9 costumes everyone wore for Halloween five years ago

The smell of pumpkin spice wafting through the air means Halloween is just around the corner, rearing its masked head. Aaand cue the costume-induced anxiety. Will this be the year when you finally cave and dress up as Ginger Spice? Do you scheme up an overly elaborate group costume with your girl gang?

Don’t fret, my Halloween queens! We learn from the past, after all, so now is the best time to throw it back five years and reminisce on 2011’s finest ghoul’s night garb. Whether you’re looking for a costume that’s a blast from the past or merely hankering to take a sugar rush down memory lane, these ten costumes will get you in the Halloween spirit.

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet

If Pinterest could be personified with a costume, it would be this fast-food inspired tube dress. With a couple yards of cotton, some paint pens, and a cheesy gordita crunch fever dream, you too could be transformed into your favorite drunk food’s condiment compatriot.

Walter White/Heisenberg of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad‘s fourth season wrapped at the beginning of July that year, and the Heisenberg hangover was still in full swing come Halloween. Cue hazmat suits, baggies of blue rock candy, and porkpie hats. And who doesn’t want to enter a Halloween bash by screaming “I am the one who knocks,” at the top of your chocolate-leaden lungs? 

Black Swan

The ballerina gone bad was seen at frat parties and masquerades alike. Released at the tail end of 2010, Halloweenies everywhere plied across streets to show their adoration for Natalie Portman’s chilling performance of a deranged dancer.

Pregnant Beyoncé

As Queen Bey was busy tending to her hive (aka Blue Ivy), we were chugging spiked apple cider and gorging on grocery store candy by the handful. Preggers Beyoncé was a hot costume fit for the queens we all are — not to mention the fact that it was a wonderful way to celebrate the heir to HOVA and Bey.

Ryan Gosling in Drive

The dreamy dirt devil splashed across screens with one hand on the steering wheel and another grasping our fluttering hearts. The character’s quilted ivory silk bomber, adorned with a gold embroidered scorpion on the back, became a modern-day equivalent of James Dean’s leather jacket and a go-to costume.

Harry Potter characters

As we mourned the end of the Boy Who Lived’s magical saga, we sought solace in a bit of dress-up. Whether you were a total Hermione in grade school or desired to channel your inner-space cadet with a Luna Lovegood getup, Harry Potter inspired a litany of costume possibilities.


Inspiration springs from the most unexpected places, and politics is one of them. Thanks to a spurt in grassroots activism in 2011, movements like Occupy Wall Street and The Rent Is Too Damn High Party cropped up in the mainstream’s radars. While their political impacts remain debatable, the movements inspired the penultimate last-minute costume, requiring just a sandwich board and megaphone.

Game of Thrones Characters

After premiering earlier in the year, the country caught Game of Thrones fever, and the only prescription was an icy blonde wig and a trio of dragons by our sides. From badass in charge Khaleesi to the ever-so-sketchy Cercei, there was a costume for every GOT fan in 2011… y’know before our favorites got the ax.


With her powerhouse pipes, indisputably perfect winged eyeliner, and stupidly chic all-black wardrobe, Halloween isn’t the only day when we all wanna be Adele. But on the heels of her sophomore album, 21‘s, release, All Hallows’ Eve was the perfect time to pay tribute to the songstress.