10 Great Alternatives To Green Beer On St. Patrick’s Day

Put down those green beers and Shamrock Shakes! (Actually, on second thought, keep the Shamrock Shakes. They’re amazing, and a seasonal favorite.) While St. Patrick’s Day is often known as the day where people stumble around in an upsetting stupor at 3 PM, you can choose to drink both responsibly and creatively this year. Because on this day, everyone is Irish. Here are a few creative favorites you can try with your friends, from the safety of your own home. Click on the links to get the full recipe.

1. Pot of Gold

You can make a Pot of Gold with mint, elderflower, cucumber, ginger beer, and vodka. While this recipe calls for Voli Lite vodka, I’m sure you can substitute any of your favorites that don’t taste like gummy bears or cotton candy. The cucumbers are used as a garnish, and the ginger beer – which is added near the end – adds an unexpected kick.

2. Irish Coffee

Here’s a drink that you’ll probably find year-round at certain restaurants, but hey – it’s got Irish in the name, so this is the time to drink it. Popularly made with Jameson Irish Whiskey, this recipe doesn’t require too many fancy ingredients. Plus, anything with coffee in it is sure to be delightful.

 3. Emerald Isle

If you insist on drinking something green, the Emerald Isle might be up your alley. Especially if you’re a fan of gin. What makes this drink really shine are the bitters, which you’ll need two dashes of per cocktail. Also make sure you have some creme de menthe on hand for this one. Am I the only one who thinks this drink is kind of pretty to look at?

 4. Shamrock Smoothie

If you are a fan of the flavored vodkas, this drink might be perfect for you. This drink requires SKYY melon vodka, triple sec, orange curacao, and a little bit of lime juice. While it won’t have the consistency of your average smoothie, it will get pretty frothy when you shake it. If you like fruity drinks, you may have met your match.

5. Zesty Irishman

Apart from Guinness, nothing says Irish like whiskey. This drink, which is kind of similar to a Whiskey Sour, was created by mixologist Anthony Caporale. Try it out if you’re feeling daring (and do it in the beginning of the night, and not the end. You might regret it at the end.)

6. St. Paddy’s Day Punch

One reason why you should try this drink? It contains limeade. I find limeade to be completely underrated.

Granted, this punch is often seen as being non-alcoholic. Which is totally fine, especially if you’re hosting a party with under-aged guests. However, if everyone in your party is over 21, adding a little bit of a light rum to the original recipe will take it to a new dimension.

7. Shandy

It’s not just a contestant from America’s Next Top Model season 2 (but I’m sure Shandi has enjoyed one or two Shandy’s in her past.) The best part about shandy is that it’s literally two ingredients – in fact, you might have them in your fridge as we speak. Do you have beer and ginger ale? Combine them, and you’ve got shandy! For the record, 7-Up works just as well.

8. Irish Julep

If you’re a fan of bourbon and half and half (and who isn’t?), the Irish Julep might be the drink for you. This drink also includes Green Crème de Menthe, which is probably how it gets its teal hue. But hey – it’s close enough to green, right?

 9. Green Iced Teaquila

Tequila lovers, don’t you fret. I know you’re few and far between, but I haven’t forgotten about you. Even better, I bring you a St. Patrick’s Day drink that combines your alcohol of choice with other, healthy things that balance it out a bit. A Green Iced Tea is almost exactly what it sounds like – Ginger Lemon tea, and some juice from cucumbers, lemons, and limes. In fact, it seems like tea and tequila are kind of a perfect combo to the most daring bartenders.

10. Lucky Tart

If you want to channel the luck of the leprechaun, this might be a good choice for you. This drink also incorporates tequila, as well as melon liqueur and sour apple pucker. If you’re like me, you might have some sour apple pucker laying around from 9 years ago, after you just turned 21 and felt like you could be a master bartender with a collection of a bunch of weird garbage.

Feel free to share your favorite St. Patrick’s Day drinks below. Cheers to a safe and merry holiday!

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