Beyond ‘Flawless’: More Amazing Remixes of Songs We Love

A couple of nights ago, Beyoncé blessed the Internet with her new “Flawless” remix (featuring Nicki Minaj). It’s pretty much everything we wanted and more; plus, you can listen to Yoncé getting all zesty about the whole elevator incident that happened a few months back. “Of course sometimes sh*t goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator,” she suggests in the surprise track. Although questions are still left unanswered, the main takeaway is that we need to get off Bey’s back. Whether the Internet comment section is still whispering about Solange or Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s relationship, it doesn’t matter, because “you can say what you want, [Queen Bey’s] the sh*t.” BOOM. The remix is fierce, gutsy, and intense in a really awesome way I would expect from Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.

Since remixes can represent familiar songs in entirely new, mesmerizing, amazing ways like “Flawless” did, we thought it would be super fun to round-up some more epic songs that have also been re-imagined. **Warning: Explicit Language in Some Songs (NSFW)**

1. “Bound 2” by Kanye West: Sigma Remix

Kanye West’s vocals are essentially wiped clean in this version of “Bound 2,” and it actually sounds like a sweet love song. Did I really just type “Kanye West” and “love song” in the same sentence?

2. “Tennis Courts” by Lorde: Flume Remix

Lorde is already the uh, lord, of dreamy, electro-pop music, so a remixed version can only bring out more of her dark, electro vibes.

3. “Suburbs” by Arcade Fire: Mr. Little Jeans Remix

Technically, this is more like a cover-remix hybrid—but I’m totally digging the female vocals taking over for Arcade Fire’s Win Butler. I’m filing this song away in my Obsessions Folder.

4. “Tom Ford” by Jay-Z: Crizzly Remix

Bey isn’t the ONLY one in this relationship remixing her music. This reinvention of “Tom Ford” is fresh, and kind of sounds like a video game.

5. “In For the Kill” by La Roux: Skream Remix

I don’t care if everyone discovered La Roux like, five years ago, I still completely adore her. That gorgeous falsetto? Those raw feelings? This version slows everything down, accentuating La Roux’s vocals. Ugh, so much yes.

6. “Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé: Diplo Remix

Nothing seems too out of the ordinary when you’re listening to this remix of “Drunk in Love” until 1:09; get ready for your world to completely change.

7. “Flume” by Bon Iver: Kulkid Remix

Bon Iver is my romantic everything. Once, in college, my friends and I split a bottle of wine and listened to “Skinny Love” all night just because. This Kulkid remix is super sweet, still retaining all the Bon Iver feels.

8. “Breezeblocks” by Alt-J: Beshken Remix–Y

Alt-J is releasing a new album in September. I repeat. ALT-J IS RELEASING A NEW ALBUM IN SEPTEMBER. In the meantime, listen to this impeccable remix. Like, seriously. Every second is stellar and life-altering.

9. “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey: RAC Remix

“Summertime Sadness” isn’t the only song that made it into remix heaven. In fact, this version of “Blue Jeans” is—dare I say it—better?

10. “Unpretty” by TLC: Follow Me Remix

No remix list is complete without a remix that reminds us of our R&B childhood. I used to LOVE this song when I was seven, and now I get to fall in love with it all over again. I guess that’s the beauty of remixes, right?

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