9 Shady Things Every Roommate Is Guilty of Doing

No one knows you quite like your roommates. They know your eating habits, your guilty pleasure TV shows and how much time you spend in the shower. That kind of in-your-face living situation can be a little too cozy at times, which is why it’s super important to be kind and conscientious all the time. But who are we kidding? We’re not perfect. We’ve all been guilty of being slightly annoying, slightly sketchy roommates at some point. Here is our list of common offenses:

1. Using your roommates’ shampoo or other toiletries

Honestly, I only ever use my roommate’s hair dryer, as hers is hanging on the restroom wall and mine is all the way in my room.

2. Hiding junk food

My roommate knows just how disgusting I can be. She’s extremely healthy and I essentially treat my body like a Chipotle dumpster. I don’t have to hide my junk food habits because she doesn’t judge, but I’ve definitely been sneakier about my poor nutritional choices with previous roommates.

3. Going to extremes to avoid taking out the trash or recycling

You. will. not. cave.

4. Pretending to be on the phone so you don’t have to talk 

I did this once back in college, but mostly because I was sick. Which brings me to my next point. . .

5. Making a huge mess everywhere because of a hangover or some other awful illness

Maybe your head is glued to the toilet seat or your dinner plates have been sitting in the sink for days. You can’t be a human again, let alone a quality roommate, until you’re all better.

6. Walking around nude when the house is empty


7. Or being pants-less in front of the other roommates

It’s inevitable really, especially when it’s summer and you have no air conditioning.

8. Eating each other’s food

Eating your roommate’s food is both the best and worst feeling at the same time. You know you shouldn’t be doing it, and yet those Wheat Thins want so bad to be in your mouth.

9. Not taking responsibility for bathroom disasters

Two years ago, I came home to an overflowing toilet and none of my roommates would take responsibility for clogging the pipes. I guess there are some things your roommates just don’t need to know.

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