10 easy last minute BFF Halloween costumes for you and your squad

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is ALMOST HERE, especially if you’ve been way too busy to sit down and plan out the ~spookiest holiday~ of the year. But Halloween is here, friends, whether or not your costume is ready. But don’t worry — you and your friends are in luck. There are *so* many unique BFF Halloween costumes to choose from! Because who doesn’t want to find the perfect Halloween costume for your and your bestie?! And if you’re planning at the last minute, you’re in luck, because these DIY halloween costumes are totally doable even if you’re up against the clock.

1. This yummy pairing

2. This ode to our fave childhood show


3. This trio you wouldn’t wanna mess with


4. This PB&J


5. This ah-mazing GOT tribute

6. These corny gals


7. This flawless take on ~ghosting~


8. This actually epic Nasty Woman duo


9. These rad kitties

10. And, of course, an OITNB pairing

With this many to choose from, making this Halloween one you’ll actually want to post all over Instagram will be a piece of the ~spookiest~ cake.