10 dreamy planters for all your favorite succulents

I have a confession to make. I have a really, REALLY bad track record with plants. I can keep myself alive, I can keep my two dogs alive, but I have never been able to keep a plant alive — except, of course, for succulents. They’re the most forgiving of plants, if you know how often to water them, and they’re also beautiful to look at. If you’re anything like me and you want to bring some nature inside your apartment that’s just a little bit tougher than your average foliage, here are 10 lovely planters to put your succulents in:

This set of gorgeous wooden geometric planters:

These hexagonal planters, in a color of your choosing:

This vintage ceramic pig:

These ~classy~ marbled planters:

This adorable ceramic dog planter:

This minimalist white hanging planter:

This dinosaur air plant holder:

This beautiful glass terrarium:


These cute little planters (with faces!):

And finally, these triangular white hanging planters: