10 Cats With Serious Hair Problems

Big news, cat people. The cat with the longest fur has been identified—at last! Last week, Guinness World Records announced that Sophie Smith, a two-year-old rescue cat who resides in California, has the longest cat hair in the entire world. She out-haired the former record holder and Internet sensation, Colonel Meow by more than an inch. The fur on her tail reaches up to 25.69 centimeters. Long hair don’t care. Congratulations, girl.

In light of this record-breaking news, let’s take a look at some more cats who are blessed/cursed with wild problematic hair:

This cat either needs to switch hair stylists or steer clear of electric outlets.

This cat is DEFINITELY unimpressed with its stylist.

Obviously this cat wasn’t born with a combover, but are any of us born with combovers?

Either someone emptied a vacuum cleaner bag on this cat’s head or it’s trying to cover up a serious bald spot.

I think we all see the problem here.

She thinks we don’t know it’s a wig.

The problem with this cat’s haircut is that it absolutely hates it. It’s just so mad about it.

I guess fur is in this year.

This cat’s only problem is its lack of hair. Unless it’s cool with it, then I guess there’s no problem here at all.

There will always be a cat on this cat’s back. It will never be alone.

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