10 Best Unexpected Friendships in TV Shows

The best relationships are the ones you don’t see coming. The ones that slowly evolve into something unbreakable and wonderful. Same goes for friendships. The people truly in your corner might surprise you. When friendships are tested, those who don’t run and who stick by you though the ups and downs – those are the ones to keep.

We’ve seen the evolution of great friendships on some of our favorite shows. From the first meeting to some tearful goodbyes, here are 10 of the best and certainly most unexpected friendships on TV.

1. Tracy and Kenneth – 30 Rock

Tracy was pretty helpless and Kenneth aimed to please. But Kenneth went far beyond his everyday page duties when it came to Tracy’s needs – including playing the role of “office wife” when Tracy’s wife kicked him out of the house and forced him to stay in his dressing room. One of my favorite things about these two – their unconfirmed ages. Kenneth was possibly an immortal, TV-loving dork, and Tracy had a “son” who was older than he was.

2. Elaine and Sue Ellen Mischke – Seinfeld

Who knew that boyfriend-stealing, bra-in-public-wearing, Oh Henry candy bar heiress would ever consider sassy Elaine as her bestie? Well, it was a surprise to Elaine as well, when Sue Ellen asked Elaine to be her Maid of Honor at her wedding in India. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. It was discovered that Elaine had slept with the groom years earlier and Sue Ellen ripped Elaine’s nose ring out in front of everyone. But Sue Ellen was a fantastic frenemy throughout the series.

3. Locke and Walt – LOST

This one was short-lived, but brilliant. Before Walt was abducted and time started to shift the island from past to present to that weird sideways purgatory, the bond between Locke and Walt was really fantastic. Locke was an outcast, seen as the weird knife-wielding, boar hunting old man who was clearly hiding something. And poor Walt had just lost his mom and was getting to know his birth father in the aftermath of a horrific plane crash. That’s a lot of sh** for a kid to deal with. I wish these two had gotten more time to just play board games on the beach.

4. Betty and Daniel – Ugly Betty

Betty had spunk, but needed guidance in the cut throat world of fashion. Daniel needed structure, and someone who believed in him. They leaned on each other and grew together. Whether or not you agreed with the finale, we can all agree that their friendship throughout the show was a joy to watch.

5. Vance and Little Vance – Perfect Couples

THIS SHOW WAS EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, it only lasted for one season. If you’re a fan of New Girl, I highly recommend binge-watching this little gem on Hulu. Three of the six main cast members had stellar guest spots on New Girl – Olivia Munn, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and David Walton. David played Vance (emotionally needy man-child) and when his fiance (played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis) brought him home a puppy, he decided to name him Little Vance and turn him into the pup mini hipster version of himself. Pupster Little Vance was a vegan with an old soul. ADORBS. And, David is adorable in every single one of his roles, including his latest on About a Boy!

6. Mindy Lahiri and Sophia – The Mindy Project

Mindy has had many hilarious unexpected friendships so far, but one of my favorites is the big sisterly bond she had with her young neighbor, Sophia. Just like a big sister, Mindy is shocked at how quickly Sophia went from being an American Girl fan to considering sex with her boyfriend. Mindy is protective, and pretty adorable as she tries to school her neighbor (and other high school kids) on the importance of safe sex.

7. Tyra and Tami – Friday Night Lights

I mean, Tami Taylor was the Queen of Dillon, Texas (and queen of our hearts), and resident mother to anyone who needed judgement-free advice. Tyra needed Tami, and Tami was really the only one to get through to Tyra when she needed a wake up call about her future. Tyra was way smarter than she gave her self credit for, and Tami turned her into a driven, confident student.

8. Marcus and Will – About a Boy

Speaking of David Walton being adorable……

Cast him as a suave, free spirit musician, young-at-heart-type who forms an unlikely friendship with the nerdy little kid next door (played by the hilarious Benjamin Stockham – who was also in 1600 Penn!), and you have a hit show in the making. About a Boy is a show chock-full of talent from the actors (Minnie Driver, y’all), to the creator, Jason Katims (the genius behind Parenthood and Friday Night Lights). This friendship is one you’ll immediately fall in love with.

9. Lloyd and Hal – Undeclared

Another classic show that didn’t reach a sophomore season. Lloyd was a handsome Brit (hello, Charlie Hunnam) that moved into a college suite with uncool, clueless dudes (vintage Seth Rogen). Steven’s dad was a recent divorcee and missed having Steven around. Since Steven didn’t enjoy having his dad hang out at the dorms, and since Lloyd was thousands of miles away from his family, the two bonded over their shared loneliness and indulged in some hilarious bro time.

10. Michael and Erin – The Office

As amazing as Michael was with Holly romantically, I’d say his mentor/mentee relationship with Erin was matched just as perfectly. Erin was always kind of a oddball, and towards the end of his time in Scranton, it was clear that Erin saw Michael as the father figure she’d been lacking during childhood. And since Michael never really understood boundaries, this dynamic was magnificent.

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