10 Best Tweets From… Amanda Bynes

So you may have noticed I’m doing things a bit differently this week. Instead of bringing you 10 Best Tweets ABOUT something, I am bringing you my favorite tweets from my girl Amanda Bynes.

Okay, I know what she says on her Twitter. She doesn’t like when blogs write about her and if you don’t know her in real life, you can’t speak for her. So I figured, why not let the girl speak for herself?

There are oh-so-many gems on Amanda’s Twitter. Honestly, take some time and scroll through them all. When she isn’t waging war against the media or posting photos of her hair extensions, she isn’t afraid to drop some wisdom.

I look forward to reading Amanda’s tweets every day (yes, that’s what my days are like). So here are my favorite ten from this week and maybe last week, too!!

See something you are just dying to share? Well, I can’t post it unless I see it! Send your favorite tweets to me @origToriqua or [email protected]! They just might make it into the next gallery!

Featured image via Amanda’s Twitter

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