10 Best Tweets About…’The Great Gatsby’

I’m always skeptical when a book I love gets made into a movie. And The Great Gatsby was my favorite book in high school (just like ever other angsty tween). When the new movie came out today, I tured to the internet as a guiding green light. Should I see it?

I was surprised how many people were outraged The Great Gatsby was being made as a movie. Does no one realize that already happened in 1974 and starred a GORGEOUS Robert Redford? One look of that god in a bathing suit and you’ll be asking, “Leonardo who?”

Twitter seemed to have mixed reviews. Some people loved the movie, some people hated it and some loved to talk about how much they hate that people either loved or hated it. I have tickets to see The Great Gatsby tonight, so I supposed I will let you know how I feel tonight.

While you are waiting for my verdict, here is what the twitter community has to say about the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.

Featured image via IMDB.com

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