10 Best Tweets About…’The Bachelorette’

Oh, God, y’all!! It is my favorite time of year again. The Bachelorette is back and the freaks are coming out!! I’m sorry. I try to respect anybody doing whatever they go to do to fall in love. But there is something all kinds of crazy to me about competing for love on TV…

Then again, you know I will tune in every single week and should they ultimately tie the knot, the Wedding Special will be at the top of my DVR list. This kinds of stuff makes great TV.

If you didn’t have a chance to catch the two hour premiere this week, I think it’s on Hulu and I’m SURE it is worth it!! You will not be disappointed! There is a knight in shining armor, a Taylor Lautner impersonator and an ADORABLE little boy with such a hot dad.

The Bachelorette did not hold ANYTHING back this season! They really brought the crazy/wild. One of my favorite games is figuring out which cast members are just there to cause drama and which ones the producers KNOW will make it into the top three.

So enjoyThe Bachelorette, my friends, and PLEASE send your thoughts my way this week @origToriqua!

Featured image via ABC.com

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