10 Best Tweets About…Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest

I know it happened a while back, but the buzz surrounding Reese’s arrest was back in the headlines this week! Have you seen it yet? By ‘it’, I mean the footage of the whole thing going down, of course! I know it’s never good to laugh at someone’s mistakes, but it’s Reese Witherspoon we’re talking about! Even she had a little giggle or two in her most recent interviews!

I wasn’t the only one watching this week! The Twitterverse came out in fine form to share their thoughts on the whole ordeal. I mean, who would have expected Reese Witherspoon of all people to let loose in such a public way? I’m predicting a few internet parodies and maybe even an SNL sketch, if we’re lucky!

You can catch the video here and let’s hope this is the last time we see Reese’s name in the news for a negative thing!

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Featured Image via: (right) StyleBistro.com & (left) HuffingtonPost.com

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