10 Best Tweets About…HBO’s ‘Girls!’

Did you watch Girls on Sunday? Can you never look at a Q-Tip the same way ever again?

Don’t worry, I was right there with you, girl! It was crazy and I still don’t know exactly how I feel about that scene with Adam. But don’t worry. If you were like “LOL” or “OMG”, you were not alone!! The Twitter community was right along with you!!

So, in honor of the upcoming Season 2 Finale of Girls, I give you my favorite tweets about the penultimate episode! Partially because I have wanted to use “penultimate” in a sentence since SAT practice senior year of high school, but mostly because Girls rocks my socks and so do your tweets!

See something you are just dying to share? Well, I can’t post it unless I see it! Send your favorite tweets to me @origToriqua or [email protected]! They just might make it into the next gallery!

Featured image via @girlsHBO

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