10 Best Tweets About…’50 Shades of Grey’

So, I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but there seems to have been awful lot of 50 Shades of Grey rumors this week. I know the story has been circling for months, ever since they announced the movie (…maybe that was even a year ago? Who can keep track these days, amiright?) but every blog I read had some story about it.

I only read the first 200 pages of the first book. I’m 20 and 50 Shades was not written for me. Personally I took offense to how silly the main girl was. (Is anyone really that naive?) I tried and tried my hardest to get into it and I couldn’t.

But hey, the book is totally popular! My 55 year-old-aunt who claims she “can’t read” because she hates reading so much loved them so much she bought a Kindle and read them like, four more times. So kudos to E.L. James for inspiring non-readers to get literary!

Me? Well, I’m just excited to see which one of my hollywood crushes 50 Shades of Grey casts as Christian. As I said up top, I couldn’t care less about the chick, but I will pay anything to see Ian Somerhalder on the big screen (aside from that time he played a teen male prostitute, ’cause that was just sad).

So here are my favorite tweets about the books, the rumors and everything in between!!!

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