10 Best Things About Being Single

I am currently not single, and I’m not trying to be — I love my boyfriend and I love being in a couple. But I can be realistic: there are some pretty great things about being single. And I’m not saying I miss these things… well, except maybe #3. Here are the 10 best things about being single.

10. The constant flirting.

You can feel free to flirt with anyone at anytime. Unless you find out the person you’re flirting with has a boyfriend/girlfriend, in which case you should probably stop. But until then, knock yourself out. Be a flirting machine.

9. The excitement of wondering who is gonna be at that next party.

Will this be the party you meet them? What about the hot guy over there in The Smiths shirt, is he single? What about the guy who is standing next to him? No, not that guy, the other one? Are you guys going to that thing on Friday? Do you think anyone will be there?

8. Not having to go to lame stuff you don’t want to go to.

Sometimes your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend has interests that aren’t the same as yours. Honestly, sometimes, some of their interests just suck. Don’t want to go to the 4 hour play about mimes? Too bad, your boyfriend’s best buddy is lead mime. But when you’re not dating anyone, you’re free to do (or not do) whatever you want. Time to point at all those losers in line for the mime show and laugh your head off! (Silently.)

7. Experiencing the hilarious joys of OkCupid (and other dating sites and apps).

Man, it’s just so fun. Yeah, OkCupid can get really depressing really fast, but before you reach that station, ride the train to Lolzville and take some pics. OkCupid is proof that there are people out there worse off than you.

6. Not having to spend money on dates.

Because let’s be honest, you would have been totally fine with having a Hot Pocket for dinner, but that’s not gonna fly for a first date.

5. The ability to be more spontaneous and free with your time.

Like if your friends call up at 9 PM on a Tuesday and ask if you want to go for drinks and bowling, you can just go. You don’t have to ask anyone if that’s cool. You don’t have to worry about asking them if it’s cool and them saying yes but not really meaning it. And you can stay out as late as you want.

4. Rocking out in the living room by yourself.

Hey, sometimes you just feel like darting off the couch and having a 1 person dance party. When you’re single you can do that every night! How cool are YOU? Doesn’t matter! You want to run around your living room to Robyn for 3 hours? EFFING DO IT. Want to call it your exercise for the day? Totally cool.

3. Those three AM food binges.

Even if you don’t live with your significant other, they may stay over a lot, and that can certainly put a damper on those nights when you want to eat everything in the fridge without being judged. I’m still being made lovingly fun of for my adoration of pub cheese and how I practically inhaled an entire container. IT’S PUB CHEESE IT’S DELICIOUS.

2. And enjoying all those other guilty pleasures.

You get to enjoy all kinds of terrible television, food, movies, and music without anyone judging you for it. You could stay in on a Friday night and have a marathon of The Bachelor and no one is going to think less of you. Until you tell them. Don’t ever tell them.

1. No one cares if you wear sweatpants to everything all the time. Forever.

Yeah, hopefully your mate doesn’t care if you only want to wear sweatpants for the rest of your life, but what are the chances of that happening? You just try to wear sweatpants to meet their parents. They’re gonna try to stop you. Even though you busted out your nice sweatpants. The ones lined with fleece. You gave it your all. They really shouldn’t freak out about it. You’ve been through a lot lately.

But in the end, I’d trade any of these for my boyfriend. Even the sweatpants thing. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

What’s YOUR favorite thing about being single?

Featured image by Nina Leen, via LIFE Photo Archives for Google.

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