These are 10 of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time, and they will eff with your feelings

Even if you’re not the biggest football fan, the Super Bowl has something to offer everyone. Some tune in strictly for the game. Others come for the half-time show. And then there are those who live for the Super Bowl commercials. Many Super Bowl commercials are so great that they go down in advertising history. We’ve collected these fan favorites so you can rewatch and get amped for this year’s Super Bowl commercial repertoire.

According to Sports Illustrated, companies had to cough up $5 million dollars to NBC for 30 seconds of airtime during this year’s Super Bowl.

Knowing how much money is riding on a successful Super Bowl commercial, it’s no wonder why they stick with us. Advertisers give these ads their all because most of America is watching. We laugh, we cry, and we may even feel empowered after watching these. They’re more like short films than anything else.

So let’s head back in time and remember some of the Super Bowl greats. And no, we’re not talking about you, Tom Brady. Grab yourself a snack and perhaps some tissues (those Budweiser commercials really get to us), and walk with us down Super Bowl commercial memory lane.

1Always — “Like a Girl” (2015)

Always wanted to redefine what doing things “like a girl” means as they empower girls to stay confident and strive to be the best.

2Snickers — Betty White “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” (2010)

The genius and hilarious Betty White appeared in the first commercial for the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” Snickers campaign — and thank goodness she did.

3Audi — “Daughter” (2017)

Audi pushes awareness for the gender pay gap in their 2017 commercial. Their company is committed to equal pay for equal work, as every company should be. — “Please Don’t Go” (2000)

Because we always wondered what our pets are thinking when we leave them home alone. So sad, so off-key.

5Apple — “1984” (1984)

When Apple first introduced the Macintosh Computer in 1984, they needed to do so with a bang. Ridley Scott directed this groundbreaking commercial which set the precedent for all future Super Bowl commercials — they had to wow, be progressive, and be plot-driven.

6Budweiser — “Born The Hard Way” (2017)

After the 2016 election, this tale about immigration and pursuing the American Dream hit home with a lot of Super Bowl viewers.

7Chrysler — “Halftime in America” (2012)

Clint Eastwood narrated this uplifting message about how the citizens of America can make a comeback after the hardships of the recent past. We were still struggling through the Great Recession and in need of a pep-talk. Using Chrysler and the auto-industry as inspiration, the auto company asked us to rally together to rise up from the fall.

8NO MORE — “Listen: 60” (2015)

This was the first ever Super Bowl commercial to address domestic violence and assault. It featured a real 911 call, and the NFL donated the minute airtime in an effort to show support for assault victims during the Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice assault case.

9E*Trade — “Talking Baby” (2008)

The OG talking baby E*Trade commercial will make us laugh until forever. Sorry, not sorry.

10Budweiser — “Wassup” (1999)

To this day, “Wassup” is still a highly quotable piece of media throughout multiple generations. As much as Budweiser can make us cry, they can make us laugh too.

What are your favorite Super Bowl commercials? Let us know so we can binge-watch before Sunday’s big game.

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