10 Best Cases of the On Air Giggles

If we didn’t like giggles, we all probably wouldn’t be here – right? One of my joys in life is seeing people break character on television. While some might view them as being unprofessional, I think it’s one of the most human things someone can do (if they do it sparingly.) They say live television is unpredictable, and fits of giggles prove that anything can happen when the cameras start rolling. Here are the top ten best cases of Live Giggles!

1. Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, and Lindsay Lohan SNL – Debbie Downer

Hosted by Lindsay Lohan, the sketch seemed to fall apart after Jimmy Fallon (lovingly) breaks character, causing Rachel Dratch to have some difficulty delivering her bummer lines.

The best part of the sketch? Debbie being such a downer that she scares away Pluto at Disney. Also, Lindsay trying so hard to flawlessly deliver her line that she has to sit down and stand up again. And also, every other part of this skit. I wonder how Lorne Michaels felt when his cast of professionals inability to keep a straight face lead to one of the more memorable moments of the show’s quasi-recent history.

2. Anderson Cooper on the RidicuList


I had so much more respect for Anderson (adding onto the respect I had prior to) when he couldn’t keep his laughter down over some bathroom humor.

It all started when Gerard Depardieu urinated on a plane. Cooper went on a list of jokes, including Depardieu traveling to “UrineNation”, but lost it after a joke about being happy he didn’t have a “DeparTwo”.

“Sorry, this has never happened to me!” Cooper apologizes with high pitched giggles. It makes me want to hug him.

3. Fox 29 News Anchors Mock Ryan Lochte, And Crack Up When He’s Off Camera.


Poor Ryan Lochte. Will he ever catch a break? These two anchors have a somewhat uncomfortable interview with the athlete-turned-reality TV star (as many of his interviews have seemed to be), and pretty much laugh at his expense the second he’s off the air. And these giggles last a long, long time.

4. SNL – Stefon on Weekend Update

Don’t be fooled by the Red Lobster sign outside – this club used to be a burned down Red Lobster. If you’ve watched SNL in the past few years, you’re probably familiar with Stefon – Bill Hader’s Correspondent that informs America about the hottest clubs around town. Hader, whose typically pretty good with keeping a straight face, almost always loses it during this specific sketch.

The reason being? Writer John Mulaney (who is a hilarious guy himself) changes up the cue cards before the sketch begins. So as the audience is hearing the jokes for the first time, so is Hader. With ridiculous lines like ““Look over there is that Mick Jagger? No it’s a fat kid on a slip n slide. His knees look like biscuits & he’s ready to party!”, can you blame him?

5. Diane Keaton Giggles On Ellen – And It Might Be The Wine’s Fault


I’m not sure what Ellen’s policy on wine is, but it sure loosened up Diane Keaton. Ellen seems a little guarded when Keaton starts going a bit off topic while discussing her movie, and how much fun it was. She talks up Topher Grace, punching Robert DeNiro in the face. The best quotes?  “The wine is not helping, Ellen! I think I got to go!” followed by “And his chest did not have clothes on… I was normal until I came on this show.”

6. NBC Anchors Crack Up At Falling Model


Besides not being a size zero, being as gracious as a Muppet and my unlikeliness to travel, the number one reason I’m not a model is the fact that I’m a big mess in high heels. The model featured on this NBC news broadcast fell not once – but twice – while on the runway. And for some reason, the anchors cannot get over it.

While one of the anchors tries to apologize over the giggle fit, another stops him mid-sentence because the fall is on loop.

7. WRDW News Team Laughs Over The Weather


I’m sure Punxatawney Phil isn’t too happy over this one. After his annual tradition of telling the world when Spring would get here, anchors Lynnsey Gardner and Tim Strong laughed so hard that you could barely understand them. It makes you wonder if there was some type of inside joke between the two. Regarding – who knows what. Animals?

When you’d assume they have it together, Tim’s laughter comes back as he announces StormTeam’s Futurecast. He fights it throughout the end, shocked when he hears he still has a minute left of his segment. Once you get a bad case of the giggles, it’s often super tough to gain your composure back. (But personally, I like when people break. It might not be professional, but it makes the sketch much more entertaining!)

8. Joe Biden Cracks Up Over Himself (Kind of) on Good Morning America


When shown a clip of Jason Sudeikis playing him on SNL, Biden can’t help but crack up. Even better, it’s not the first time he’s seen the clip! While Biden has seemed to be a bit loose and a fun guy, it’s endearing that he has the ability to laugh at himself. “These guys are incredible,” Biden says. “I don’t know what to say…. They are good, man. They are so good.”

Biden also gives props to Tina Fey for an impression of Palin that nearly fooled him.

9. WDBJ7’s Susan Bahorich Crack Up Over Fat Swimming Cat


Okay, Susan. I get it. You need to do a report on an obese cat who takes up swimming, while the rest of the staff is probably reporting on all the cool stuff, like 7-11 robberies and “Who Wore It Best?” awards commentary.

You made the most of it. While fumbling throughout the entire report, you spouted your lines out as that giant feline gave wide, terrified eyes to the camera and doggie (er – kitty?) paddled in that hilarious big life jacket.

Susan, you may have thought those last two paragraphs were criticisms. But it’s applause. Since I wouldn’t have even been able to show my face from laughing so hard over what you needed to talk over. That cat is hilarious.

10. Stephen Colbert Laughs Over Laughing Anderson Cooper (Not Live, But – Close Enough)

Remember that Anderson Cooper gaffe above? Well, Stephen Colbert decided to mock the unfortunate (yet still hilarious) Depar-Two incident by shooting a few other funny “#1” and “#2” names out there, to- as Colbert put it – get him in the “joke-ular vein”. Yet at the end, Colbert is laughing himself. What seems to be a giggle mocking Coopers turns into, what I believe, a genuine laugh. The joke that started it? “Steve Doocey”.

Do you have any moments that you wish made it into the list? Any moments of your own where the laughter just couldn’t stop? Share some personal giggles with us in the comments!

Image Credit: dailycaller.com (featured), examiner.com (Stefon)

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