10 Baby Animals That are Too Cute for Words

The holidays are over, which is kind of depressing. I mean, mostly a relief. But still a little bit sad, especially when we have to take the tree apart, or pay our credit card bills or say no to leftover sugar cookies because we’re trying to be healthy or whatever. Your decorations, lights, and family might be gone until next year, but you know what you’ve still got? Cute baby animals.

You heard me. Little fluffy balls of pure animal joy. These little guys never cease to bring smiles to our faces, even if we’re pissed off, sad, or just bored. Let’s take some time to enjoy some of the most adorable faces on the planet, starting with:

10. Baby sloths

Sloths are the silliest animal there is. If you think your cat sleeps a lot, sloths sleep about 20 hours a day. According to ancient fossils, sloths used to be around the same size as elephants. If you can’t picture a giant sloth and not laugh, then you have no soul.

9. Baby koalas

Did you know that a baby koala is called a “Joey”? According to my friend who watches a lot of Discovery Channel, you can just pluck koalas off trees and they won’t care. Don’t quote me on that, though.

8. Baby cheetahs

Only after four months do baby cheetahs grow spots on their fur, and brothers and sisters like to bond by hunting together. Awww!

7. Baby bears

I know I shouldn’t want to adopt a baby bear as a pet, but they would make the best body guards, ever.

6. Baby giraffes 

Did you know that baby giraffes fall about five feet to the ground at birth? That must be kind of a rude introduction to the world.

5. Baby foxes

Did you know that baby foxes are called “pups”, “kits” or “cubs” and a group of foxes is called a “skulk” or a “leash”? Well now you do.

4. Baby skunks

This is one baby you do not want to cross. Skunks can spray you from 10 feet away!

3. Baby elephants

Elephants are some of the most intelligent creatures in the world. Not only do they have really good memories, but they are able to express grief, joy, anger, and happiness.

2. Baby seals

Seals are able to detect prey through their whiskers, and they are thought to have evolved from the bear. I guess I can see the resemblance.

1. Baby pandas

If you thought human babies were hard to take care of, then you have obviously never given birth to a panda. For the first 6-8 weeks of life, pandas can’t open their eyes, nor can they move until they’re 3 months old.  

And just in case this picture will not do, here are some more:

Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of cute animals.

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