10 amazing maple syrup recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth

Yesterday was one of the greatest days in the entire year. The world celebrated National Maple Syrup Day in all its deliciousness. But the truth is, you can celebrate the naturally sweet and sugary goodness any day of the year. It’s most famous for bringing a little sweetness to your pancakes, of course. But it’s actually a great addition to a ton of different recipes.

So whether you’re preparing for next year’s celebration or just want an excuse to cook with a delicious condiment, we’ve rounded up ten of the coolest maple syrup recipes we could find.

1 How about some yummy maple cinnamon cookies?

2 Eat maple syrup as a main course with this maple syrup chicken.

3And enjoy some wintertime squash with this awesome maple cinnamon roasted butternut squash recipe.

4 You can snack on these yummy caramelized maple walnuts all day.

5 Who could say no to maple sugar cookies?

6 Try a healthier alternative with this apple pecan salad with maple vinaigrette.

7 This delicious recipe for maple pulled pork is sure to be a hit at any winter potluck.

8 And eating your veggies has never been so manageable than with this maple roasted brussels sprouts with toasted hazelnuts recipe.

9 This recipe for maple cashew coconut fudge is a cool twist on classic maple candy.

10 And lastly, nothing is more perfect-sounding than maple cheesecake, like in this New York maple walnut cheesecake.

So round up your cooking creativity and gather as much maple syrup as you can find. We hope you enjoy all of these awesome maple syrup sweet treats this holiday season.