$1 margaritas are back at Applebee’s — here’s how to get this deal

Mother Nature might not want to act like spring is officially here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. And really, what better way is there to welcome the start of warmer weather than with ice-cold $1 margaritas? There’s something about these sweet and salty drinks that reminds us of better days spent on the beach in the sun — rather than wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. If margs sound like an excellent idea to you, then you need to head over to your neighborhood Applebee’sBecause Dollaritas are back! Yes, the rumors are true: the chain is bringing back this wildly popular, inexpensive drink, and you need to know how to get $1 margaritas at Applebee’s ASAP.

Applebee’s first introduced us to Dollaritas last October, in the midst of the slow death of casual dining food chains. They were a way to get customers in, and they worked. They worked so well, in fact, that the company introduced $1 Long Island Iced Teas in December and $1 “Dollarmamas” (Bahama Mamas) in February.

Now they’re bringing it back to the original: $1 margaritas called Dollaritas.

The $1 margs will be available throughout the month of April, so don’t worry: you have plenty of time to get one…or a lot. So how can you get in on the fun? Dollaritas will be available “all day, every day” throughout the month of April, but only in participating locations and only for customers who are dining in (aka sitting at a table and eating). If you want a dirt-cheap margarita, you’re going to have to order some food, too — which definitely isn’t a bad idea.

Dollaritas are made from tequila and margarita mix and served on the rocks, so if you’re looking for a frozen marg, you’re out of luck. To find out where you can get one, check out the location nearest you and give them a call before heading in (just in case).