Zooey's Golden Globes Hair

The challenge for the Golden Globes was… how do we show off the back of Zooey’s custom Prada gown without doing an updo? Additionally, her long hair and bangs has lately become her signature and I wanted to maintain that as well. What I decided to do was create a fall or hair piece that allowed for her hair to be shorter, while keeping with her current look and accentuating the back of the dress at same time. The final look was inspired by my love for Marianne Faithfull and Brigitte Bardot– classic ’60s hair, but a bit modern and undone.

How I got the look…

Step 1  I began with an allover blowout using Orbie Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray to give the hair volume and rich shine.

Step 2  I then divided the hair (at the top of the ear across) into 2 sections. The bottom section is wrapped into flat pin curls and secured at the nape of the neck.  I then placed the fall over the bottom section and secured it with bobby pins.

Step 3  I set all of the hair (including the fall) with 2 ½ inch rollers (rolled from end to root) set with Orbie Superfine Hairspray for 35 minutes.

Step 4  After removing the rollers, I brushed out the hair, did light back combing at the crown for height and sprayed it again allover with hairspray.

Step 5  Once the back was finished, I blew out the bangs and layered pieces on the sides using texturizing spray, to give the hair movement but also a finished look.