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Zoe Saldana gets real about motherhood in Hollywood

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This article originally appeared in InStyle.

Zoë Saldana is the latest celebrity shattering the illusion of Hollywood moms “having it all.” The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star isn’t afraid to admit that raising three young sons and headlining films takes a lot of work—and she has one heck of a team to help out.

“Our assistant, our nanny, and our housekeeper. They are literally raising our children with us,” she shared with Yahoo Style. “It’s because of them I am able to rip myself away as long as I can, and my husband as well, to do what we do. They’re teaching us how to manage our pain as they’re raising our kids with us … When you’re away a little too much, it compromises a lot more things. It’s a sacrifice and a pain that will never go away. You take every day at a time.”

El reencuentro.... The reunion.

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Saldana, who welcomed twins Cy and Bowie with husband Marco Perego-Saldana back in 2014 and gave birth to son Zen this past February, also opened up about raising three young boys. “My boys are obsessed with female superheroes. And we have to search high and low to find these toys. [My sons] are demanding a female presence as much as a male presence. I am accepting this ironic challenge that this universe has presented to me.”

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