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YouTube keeps age restricting LGBTQ videos, and here's why it's *so* not cool

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Content creators are unhappy with video streaming service YouTube as it seems LGBTQ videos are being blocked by the service’s “Restricted Mode.”

In a bid to help reduce the amount of offensive content, YouTube’s “Restricted Mode” filters videos to hide “potentially objectionable content that you may prefer not to see or don’t want others in your family to see.” The feature relies on the YouTube community flagging age-restricted content, and also picks up on key words and “other signals” to help hide inappropriate content.

However, some LGBTQ YouTubers are finding that their videos are being hidden by the feature, sparking outrage among the community.

Taking to Twitter, popular YouTuber, author, and activist Tyler Oakley shared his upset over the move, noting that YouTube has yet to respond to the problem, and asking his followers to subscribe to LGBTQ YouTubers.

Oakley’s tweets come after British YouTuber Rowan Ellis, whose videos focus on “pop culture from a feminist and queer perspective,” also shared a video about the issue, where she criticized the platform.

Speaking during the video, Ellis explained how she’d had over 40 videos hidden to users who have “Restricted Mode” enabled, noting that the filter feeds into “this insidious poison which makes [LGBTQ individuals] seem inappropriate. ” 

As Gizmodo note, other LGBTQ YouTubers have had their videos hidden under “Restricted Mode,” such as Ash Hardell’s clip in which her and her partner read each other their wedding vows.

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