You're An Animal: Fashion Inspired By the Natural World

Feeling uninspired in the wardrobe department? Tired of looking to impractical street-style bloggers for guidance? Fear not, my friends. I have an easy solution, and it may be lingering right outside your window. Even if it isn’t right outside your window, you can always enlist the help of Google.

Let me just preface this by letting you know I might be nuts because I’ve never heard of anyone else comparing animals and fashion design. For whatever reason, I look at animals and think: gosh – look at those color combinations, those textures, those shapes. If animals were somehow interpreted into outfits, they’d be brilliant! Even pigeons got it goin’ on. Okay, I can already hear thoughts of protest on the pigeon thing, but imagine the perfect gray outfit with a pop of coral colored shoes. Not so bad, eh?

With summer right around the corner, I put myself on a mission to find colorful designs that resembled animals. Needless to say, I found tons of animal print, snakeskin patterns and images of actual animals on clothing. All of these were great, but they were also very expected. And where’s the inspiration in expectation? I’d rather we make some thought provoking and artsy comparisons! Luckily, I managed to find some remarkable designs along with equally remarkable animal counterparts.

Was a Western Meadowlark used to inspire the designers at Zara to make this summer dress? My guess is probably not. As a matter of fact, I have no idea if any of these designers were inspired by animals. But that doesn’t mean you can’t! These clothing designs are undoubtedly a great example of how nature can be interpreted.

The best part? Even if you despise the outfits, looking at the animals and their aesthetic can help you dream up outfits with clothes right out of your closet. There are so many incredible animals in this world. They could use some credit!




Left: Giant Anteater
Right: Vince








  • Asante Jones

    This is remarkably insightful Sophia. Proud of you mang!! Charlie is too…

  • Shelby Dash

    These combinations are amazing!!! Love your writing too. Super cute!

  • Christopher Czajkowskyj

    great article veery insightful definitely think we are inspired by nature and our primal side. never really thought about that till now

  • Georgia Copley

    Oh my God, this is seriously clever and cute. I may have to put together an outfit co-ordinated by animal inspiration for an upcoming interview. This is genius!

  • Aili Täti

    I have thought about this (and sometimes put into practice) ever since I had pets. For 16 years now. Great article, love the images aswell. Thanks for writing this, the world needs to know how awesomely stylish and inspiring nature is.

  • Sam Warren

    This is fantastic! Great read!

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