You want a role model? It's Really Rosie.

Really Rosie – she is someone for girls of all ages to look up to. I used to watch the Carole King/Maurice Sendak animated series ALL the time when I was growing up. It was my fave VHS. You know Really Rosie, Alligators All Around, Chicken Noodle Soup with Rice, Johnny and Pierre? The stories were inspiring and imaginative and they have contributed to the person I am today. If you have not heard of Really Rosie and The Nutshell Kids then I suggest you spend and afternoon to get to know them.

Okay, let’s talk about Rosie. How old is she? She’s either 12 and the tallest person in her grade or she’s my age, 24,  and still hanging out with middle school kids and telling them she’s a star. Either way- respect. I’m all about setting ridiculous goals for yourself. Why not? Like Rosie says “You better believe me- I’m a great big deal.” If we all just woke up and used this phrase as our daily motivation, we’d be set. She knows she’s a star and that everyone wants to be her. If we don’t think we’re stars- no one else will! That’s a message of confidence for girls growing up these days. Leave it to Carole King.

Rosie’s style is also fresh to death. She’s got a boho chic meets old Hollywood glam look. It’s perfect for her image and brand. The brand of a star.

My “Get It Gurl” award of the week goes to Really Rosie.

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