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You Should Know About This: Child Abuse In India

  1. Educate: The first step to helping is realizing there is a problem. Educate yourself, actively seek out stories and reports about the world’s disenfranchised. Sadly, due to the state of our modern media, many of the most important stories are buried under a mound of useless information (aka celebrity gossip, trends and fluff pieces) thus charging you with the responsibility of staying an educated world citizen. 
  2. Participate: So much of our modern technology serves as a distraction from the important things in life, and yet these same tools can be used to make change in our world. Participate in the global conversation of change. Use your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to make others aware of the issues which are most important to you, be it child abuse in India, the world water crisis or factory conditions in China.
  3. Advocate: Use your voice. You are lucky enough to live in a country that guarantees you the right to free speech, so use it. Advocate on behalf of those who have no voice. Write to your congresswomen and express your concern, let them know you want more foreign aid to be allotted to the plight of young girls around the world.

And there you have it, three easy steps to change you can incorporate in your everyday life. Remember you are enough and because of that you have the power to help those less fortunate than you. So do your part, use your voice and help contribute to making positive change in the world.

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