You Should Have Margot & The Nuclear So So's On Repeat

On Facebook, the “about” section for Margot & the Nuclear So So’s explains, “Margot is a rock band from Chicago and Indianapolis. They make recorded music and play shows.” While this sounds simple, and lacks deserving adjectives such as “great music,” it’s true.

Basically, Margot & the Nuclear So So’s is made up of eight talented musicians (none of whom are named Margot) who share a love and a talent for making music that has been described as “cinematic chamber pop.” The band might be known best for releasing not one but two, albums back in 2008. The first being Animal! Which the band backed and the second, titled Not Animal! Which was Epic Records’ choice. The album battle became a happy accident since both were critically acclaimed.

Their next album Buzzard, released in 2010 was also welcomed into the music world and today, March 20th, their fourth studio album, Rot Gut, Domestic is released. It can be found on iTunes here! I had the pleasure of listening to Rot Gut, Domestic and I can assure it’s worth the purchase. If you have seen previous playlists I’ve made, you probably aren’t surprised that I’m drawn to the “chamber pop” feel of Margot & the Nuclear So So’s. They created a pleasant twelve track album that I’ve been happy to listen to.

Some favorite tracks off of Rot Gut, Domestic include “A Journalist Falls in Love With Death Row Inmate #16,” a song about a journalist who falls for a serial killer she’s covering (it is the perfect combination of creepy and cute, so it’s hard not to like the song) “Coonskin Cap” and “Ludlow Junk Hustle.”

The songs are infectious with a good mix of lyrics that you’ll have stuck in your head for days. It’s easy to hear the band’s distinctive style and even easier to jump on board with it. Rot Gut, Domestic has converted me into an even more loyal listener and I have no doubt that this trend will continue.

Overall, Rot Gut, Domestic the latest album from Margot & the Nuclear So So’s is definitely worth the listen. Plus, be sure to look at upcoming tour dates!

Check out their Facebook page here and have a listen!