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You need these style tips to make you feel extra confident during Mercury retrograde

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Some of us here at HelloGiggles have been fighting with Mercury retrograde tooth and nail to get it to stop messing with our lives. We’re talking multiple car breakdowns, weird friend tensions, and feeling like we practically clawed our way through holiday shopping. This retrograde cycle is killing us! With this time of year being so busy, not all of us have time to take a minute to ourselves and take a relaxing bubble bath or journal to our heart’s content.

But, there are some simple things — like wearing the right outfit — that can help you gain a leg up on retrograde. And because we’re your BFF, we’ve compiled a list of easy confidence-boosting style tips to put in your bag of tricks and use during the doldrums of retrograde.

Wear the color that makes your skin glow and improves your mood.

Just because you have a favorite color in the world, unfortunately doesn’t mean that it’s going to look amazing on your body. For example, the color yellow – although beautiful, warm and happy – is tricky to pull off for many skin tones. But, even so, everyone does have a color that they constantly get positive comments about when they wear it. Put that color on your body.

Not only are you going to to get compliments that will make retrograde seem like its cloud has dissipated, but you for sure know that you look good. Of course you don’t need validation from other people to feel good about what you’re wearing, but knowing that this color is doing a lot for your complexion, eyes, or hair, can build up your confidence and make you feel indestructible.

Match your Superman t-shirt with your favorite pair of jeans.

You don’t have to necessarily dress up to feel confident. Daily Mail talked to Professor Karen Pine, author of Mind What You Wear, about the affects of clothing on our psyche. Of course, our clothing is an outward representation of how we feel about ourselves, but alternately, the clothing we wear can affect our mental process as well. It’s kind of a fluid relationship.

Prof. Pine conducted a study in which she asked a group of students to wear a Superman t-shirt and answer a series of questions about how they felt about themselves. Daily Mail reported, “surprisingly, she found that not only did it make them more confident, but it also made them actually think they were physically stronger.” So wearing that superhero t-shirt that has been knocking around your closet for years just might make you feel emotionally and physically strong enough to be unaffected by Mercury retrograde. Huh!

Put together outfits that best portray your own personal style.

You might think you feel better dressing in sweatshirts and leggings, because they’re comfortable AF. Though you might feel more physically comfortable, you’re (probably) not at your peak confidence (unless you are, then you do you, boo). Wearing something that screams “you” will automatically make you feel better and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. Not sure what your personal style is? Fashion expert, Evelina, has some awesome tips for figuring out your own personal style:

Some (and we stress, “some”) people have noticed that dressing up a bit makes their life brighter and better. Sheena Amin wrote a piece of Elite Daily about how she tested her performance in class while wearing pajamas compared to her class performance when she took the time to put herself together in the morning. She found that she tested better during the week where she looked good than during pajama week. When you look good, you feel good, and you do good. Looks like it’s just science, people.

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