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You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

Each week, Amy and I write about the topics that inspire and interest us from a world of our complete imagination. As fun as it is to create this world, it’s also hard work. We schedule, we prioritize and we ignore the naysayers. All for the opportunity to create, learn and connect.

Our latest topic is about Saville Row and Bespoke Tailoring. And the idea of writing a column simply on tailoring just didn’t seem right because what made this topic special was not simply where to find a hand made suit but the amazing ability we as human beings have to create with our very own hands an item of immense value and creativity.

We live in a world of instant gratification. We encourage the next generation to pick careers that are “safe” and “lucrative”. We stare at screens more than at the clouds. This concerns me. What will happen to us if we don’t nurture the inner craftsman, artist, musician or explorer? My fear is that by not nurturing the production of hand made items and art, our appreciation for quality as opposed to quantity  in life will go away.

If you are an aspiring artist, musician, writer, designer, or aspiring at anything at all, I encourage you to keep going. And do so knowing that you are helping to shape the world by demonstrating the invaluable lessons in being creative, dedicated, fearless and patient. We need a world where we have innovators and dreamers so that the rest of us can stay in awe of human potential. The amazing things we humans are able to create with our hands, minds, and voices are what will keep us connected and striving.

We all have potential, because we all have an imagination. Make a list of what you can do as an individual to tap into your creativity and to encourage the potential in others. Here’s mine.

  1. Take pictures of anything that makes my heart swell.
  2. Stop and be silent at least once a week.
  3. Make a skirt (and don’t buy a new one when it doesn’t work out).
  4. Sing in the shower.
  5. Listen to my little one read me a story and always hang his art on the fridge (even though he draws pictures of me with only one eye).
  6. Sit beside my brother while he plays the piano and tell him how his music always makes me proud of him.
  7. Make vases out of old books (but read the books first).
  8. Go to concerts and dance badly.
  9. Make brownies and eat the whole tray.
  10. Go to Europe as much as possible.
  11. Play the guitar and piano again.
  12. Draw on my old high tops like I did in high school.
  13. Thank my mother for making all of our Halloween costumes. (And thank her for fetching me out of the bushes when I was nine to finish my piano lesson. And buying me a guitar and Bob Dylan sheet music. And for telling me that my horrible rendition of ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ was good.)
  14. Walk in the rain.
  15. Tell my husband how he’s my decorating idol.
  16. Wear two or three different perfumes all at the same time and try to make my own ‘original scent’.
  17. Wear vintage scarves and red lipstick as much as possible.
  18. Thank my Dad for always making me laugh, demonstrating the pure genius of  John Wayne movies and that he was right that guys did think it was pretty cool he made me listen to Johnny Cash and know how to fix a spark plug.
  19. Follow more people on Pinterest.
  20. Surround myself with creative and loving people.
  21. Read my old journals.
  22. Dress like Punky Brewster at least once this year.
  23. Do more puzzles.
  24. Eventually finish knitting my man a pair of socks.
  25. Plant pink tulips to remind myself that I am a cancer survivor and to live life with joy.
  26. Show that being a good friend, mother, wife,sister and daughter will always inspire creativity and joy in myself and others.

Tune into The Heatley Cliff this week and let your imaginations run wild.

And HelloGiggles, thanks for promoting the imagination and creativity in your authors and followers.

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