You Got It, Dude!

I’m personally one for positivity. That is a cause I support. No one wants to deal with a Sad Sally or a Moody Maloney. So when I think of a gal with a “do what it takes” attitude – I’d just go ahead and give that award to Michelle Tanner.

When someone asks me to help them out, in my head I’m like, “Okay, do I really want to do that for them? Probably not.”

But then I think of Michelle and “You Got It Dude” becomes my mantra. This video by YouTube artist/sensation “aOlsenGirl4Ever” does all the work of hunting down your fave Michelle moments.

I’m really into 0:15, when that memorable Full House theme song starts playing, and through it all, Michelle Tanner stays positive in sadness.

The next time your life is feeling mad melodramatic or you can’t believe how passive-aggressive your Craigslist roommate is being, take a deep breath, center yourself, and get in the “You Got It Dude!” state of mind.


P.S. I may say “I’m thankful for aOlsenGirl4Ever” at Thanksgiving this year. It’s TBD.


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