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You Are Not Robin Scherbatsky (Unfortunately)

Dear Self,

You are not Robin Scherbatsky.  (If you were, you probably would have failed kindergarten at least twice due to your inability to spell your own last name.)  Yes, you and Robin are both career-minded brunettes.  Yes, you’re both fiercely independent.  Yes, you both love scotch and New York City.  But you’re not Robin Scherbatsky (and not just because you don’t like guns or hockey or cigars).  Frankly, I kind of wish you were Robin.

Yes, self, for once, this isn’t about how you need to stop emulating a character who constantly makes terrible self sabotaging decisions.  Frankly, if you had to pick a TV character to be, Robin’s a pretty solid choice.  She used to be a Canadian pop star.  She travels.  She’s good at laser tag.  She dates cute guys (Enrique Inglesias! James van der Beek!).   She has a fantastic career.  Her haircuts are always adorable.

Self, feel free to take a page or two out of Robin’s book at any time.  (Anyone who can manage to keep five dogs in an apartment in Brooklyn must be doing something right.)  She excelled at exactly what you’re trying to do right now – starting a life from scratch in a new city and making an awesome group of friends while being great at her job.  She’s capable of having actual normal, meaningful friendships with her exes.  Sure, she’s made her mistakes, but who hasn’t?  She’s only human.

Except that she isn’t.  Robin has the superhuman power of being a television character.  Robin has writers who script her life to work out in a way that can be realistic, but also satisfying.  Robin can declare that she’s not interested in marriage and wants to focus on her career, and still end up married to Doogie Houser.  She can have a terrible year, and then by being in the right place at the right time, get an amazing new job.  Robin’s life is cool and interesting because no one watches TV shows about boring people.  It’s certainly not that you can’t be Robin, but you might have to work a little harder at it.

Self, for once, I’m giving you the green light.  Go forth and emulate.  (Okay, not everything…don’t date your therapist and then cheat on him with your ex-boyfriend.  That’s not great.)  Robin’s a woman who knows what she wants and proactively works to get it.  She deals with her breakups like a normal person and then gets over them.  (Okay, so she’s a TV character and therefore has one multi-season relationship she’s going to end up with, but at least her interim relationships seem like valid attempts and not just placeholders.)  She works hard, she plays hard and she starred in an educational children’s television show.  So no, self, you’re not Robin Scherbatsky…yet.



Image via Vancouver Canucks