Parry ErnsbergerYou Are Cordially Invited to Ryan Gosling's No Pants Party

Oh. Wait, what? You didn’t get the Evite the internet sent out? Weeeird. Don’t worry about it, you can be my plus one. I don’t think my boyfriend wants to go to this one anyways.

In case you haven’t heard, Ryan Gosling strips down to his manties in a deleted scene from The Place Beyond the Pines, and, while brief (*snicker*), it’s worth watching. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing or whatever. All I know about the movie itself is that it’s where he and Eva Mendes allegedly fell in love, so I’m guessing it’s terrible. Just kidding. In the scene below, he’s getting arrested for something, but the stripping starts around 2:28 in case you don’t feel like dealing with the dramatic build-up.

BONUS: Click through for a ton of super-gratuitous Gosling gifs. You’re welcome.

(all gifs via Tumblr)

  • Nina Tame

    2:40 OH HAAAIIIIIIIIII!! *dies* I’m sorry! (totally not)

  • Allison Rinkel

    Thank you. So much. Just thank you.

    • Daniela Costantiello

      Thank you times a million.

      • parry ernsberger

        You’re welcome! Most enjoyable thing I’ve done all week. xoxo

  • Sarah Elizabeth Mason

    Boo! I thought you meant naked booty!

  • Wendy Carlota Morales Resultan

    Watching Ryan Gosling strip down is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off. LOL

  • Talitha Soares Cade

    Thanks a million for the invite! That is the image of love! heheh
    Love it!

  • Rene Arizona Kitchens

    I don’t get it those are not his tattoos he looks gross. Whateve. The video made no sense and its not a trailer you are plain silly Ms. Deshanel. He is still hot!

  • Rene Arizona Kitchens

    Masses? DO not turn yourself into a walking comic book, Okay? It looks gross. He is 1000 times hotter with out all that nonsense.

  • Janice Iche

    OMG! Thank you :)

  • Lilith Lo

    So hot!

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