Yoko Ono covers Fireworks by @katyperryBlaire Bercy

So… um, I guess Yoko Ono is a fan of Katy Perry!


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  1. The sad thing is, some people thought it was brilliant because it was coming from her, while a person on the street doing this would be deemed crazy. I hope she wasn’t paid for that, because if so, I’m in the wrong business.

  2. I love you SO SO much right now

  3. Lo admiro y todo, pero me da risa xD

  4. LOL. I watched this a few days ago after hearing about it–from my mom! Too funny.

  5. oh my…

  6. Whatever is was, It was horrible.

  7. is yoko hono XD

  8. do your research! this piece was done with no music. someone added “fireworks” and put it up on youtube as a joke.

  9. It’s not actually Fireworks, someone just put the melody of the song on top of her ‘singing’. There is another video with the same images and horrible dying-whale sound with The Star Spangled Banner melody on top.