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Yoga Pants are Pants Too!

I have a love and its name is yoga pants. Comfortable pants have gotten a bad rap over the years, and I’m here to defend them. We can’t let leggings, jeggings and god forbid Juicy velour sweatpants, ruin the delightful thing we’ve got going here. Jeans used to have a bad rap, but look at them now: we’ve gone from horrible acid-wash mom jeans to fancy rhinestone encrusted dark denim delights in a mere decade, and I think yoga pants have the potential to do the same!

As Joey Tribbiani says in one of my favorite Friends Thanksgiving episodes, “Jeans have no give!” Well Joey, let me introduce you to a little something called yoga pants. A delightful blend of warmth and happiness that feel like your wearing pajamas but look like you’re wearing pants. Worried about how the waistband and button on your jeans is going to affect your dinnertime or dessert marathon eating? Enter the yoga pant. The wide elastic waste band stretches as you eat and hits in just the right spot that you don’t get a muffin top. Eat up my friend, these pants have no limit.

The beauty of the yoga pant is that it looks like you’re wearing an actual pant. They’re structured, come in a variety of sizes and styles and always seem to hit in just the right places that flatter your figure. The other day I was doing my bi-weekly “I know I can’t remember why I came to Target so I’ll just browse the shoes” run, when I wandered into the workout clothes section and saw my beloved yoga pants on sale for $29. I bought two pairs. To give you a pant comparison I bought a pair of jeans for $9.99 at Forever 21 a few weeks prior. One pair of these yoga pants is almost the equivalent to three pairs of jeans. You can bet I’m going to wear them like there’s no tomorrow. I foresee long endless nights sitting on the couch together, spontaneous trips to the grocery store, hangouts at my favorite coffee shop and *gasp* maybe even a trip to a yoga class.

Look, I get people judging others for wearing workout clothes and not actually working out – but why would I ruin pretty pants on  something dreadful, like spin? Plus, wearing yoga pants makes me feel like I’m working out. What’s that saying… 50% of a workout is mental? Well then, it looks like I’m doing 50% of a workout right now.

By Staci Lucash

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