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Yoga Pants

I sincerely apologize for my initial “reading a book by its cover” judgement regarding your use as “pants.”

Your name implies such a use, but for months I believed otherwise. The only acceptable form of pants for public use should only be jeans. Sweatpants, yoga pants and leggings imply only laziness.

I found you to be repulsive, and dare I say it, sratty (it’s like fratty with an s).

As my first year of college continued, I was constantly faced with you every single day. We became enemies. You mocked me for not being skinny enough to pull you off. You cheated girls of their originality by sitting comfortably on the hips of half the female population on my campus. You taunted me by being everywhere and my hate for you was ever-increasing.

Your name is Yoga Pants. You are pants used for yoga.

I knew you were just a fad and you would quickly dissolve into history.


(via Tumblr)

You were ruthless in your quest to make me want you. I said no, but you kept calling me back.

I caved. I tried you on myself. You were like a second skin. I resented your comfort.

I secretly started wearing you in private behind the wall of my computer screen while I was doing homework. (That’s a joke; we all know I was really just watching 30 Rock on Netflix.)

Words can’t describe the way I felt when I first discovered who you really were. But, yoga pants, you changed my life for the better.


(via Glamour)

You hug me in ways a man will never be able to. You compliment me in ways a man will also never be able to. You make me feel good.


(via Tumblr)

Thanks to you, I can eat as much as I want without spilling over the top of my itchy denim jeans.


(via Uproxx)

I can do anything! You’ve given me and my curves the confidence to go into public wearing you. You are basically a one-size-fits-all for my ever-flutuating female weight. I can work out in you, then crawl into bed and eat all the snacks without even having to change. I can wear you as pajamas then wake up late for class and wear you there, too. You’re a life saver.

Life is good. All thanks to you, yoga pants. You rule.

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  • Melanie Schmitz

    This needs to be read in Slam Poetry form. Stellar.

    • Kristina Quinones

      That is a fantastic idea – Editors, take note.

    • Summer Winkler

      I completely support that. Thank you. πŸ˜€

  • Christina Konze

    Putting on jeans takes the same amount of effort as putting on yoga pants. I wear mid-rise jeans to avoid the “spillage, and I have received many compliments on how great my butt looks in them. Get jeans that fit well (meaning NOT Old Navy Rockstars, those awful things) and perhaps yoga pants will not be your only option. They are basically like wearing pajamas in public, which is just sad.

    • Summer Winkler

      Where can I find these magic jeans?? I want. I’m short, it’s a struggle to find them sometimes.

      • Talia Stillman

        I have the same problem. I hate when jeans squeeze the stuffing out of you in the hips and waist, so I usually go up a size, and then they’re half a foot too long in the leg. (Who do they design these for anyway?) Some department stores offer “short” versions of their jeans. One of my all-time favorite pairs is from Aeropostale, because they fit soooo nicely in the hips and butt, without being too long. Of course that’s just me.

        • Christina Konze

          I am in love with tailoring. Hemming jeans that are too long but fit in the hip and thigh is worth the 12 or so dollars. You can even get the thighs taken in a bit if they are a little baggy. Simple fixes to magical jeans.

      • Christina Konze

        My favourites are Levis. They aren’t super expensive (although, they do cost more than say, Old Navy), and I usually have them for many years. I also like Lucky Brand Jeans, when they are on sale or consignment. Jeans like Old Navy and Target are poorly designed and made, so they are pretty much unflattering on anyone with a figure. If you invest a little more in better jeans, you will feel and look better. And washing them usually doesn’t completely change the size!

  • Maria Marino

    I was with her, until the “wearing in public.” I have no problems with wearing them at home, or when exercising; but the minute you walk out the house to attend school, or get groceries, or anything that isn’t “on my way to yoga or the gym” I do not accept. Put on pants. Leggings are not pants either. And if you cite wearing them as a small child under 6, I will will point out that you are no longer 6, and that is just not okay anymore.

  • Rachel Nelson

    Judgmental much?! I’m sorry my job is in an art studio and if I pay more than $30 for pants, than I am just throwing away money. Off the high horse women! Why do you care? At least I’m not wearing extreme cut off shorts with my sorority’s name on the back? WTF! I love you all though. I just don’t agree with you on this. First post on this website I don’t agree with. We’re not all in the same situation financially and my yoga pants are a lot better than raggedy paint pants.

    • Amy Owen

      Sweetheart. I feel like you didn’t read the full post there.. Go over it once again. You will probably be happily surprised!

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