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Yet 10 MORE Magnificent Musical Numbers From Non-Musicals

The time has come for another edition of the best and brightest musical numbers from non-musicals. As we all know, TV and film provide ample opportunities for musical numbers where they need not be. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love them. Just because something is unnecessary doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome.

Watch, learn and commit to memory some of these fiery songbirds’ and danceturtles’ hottest moves to bust out the next time you go to the hip and modern discotheque for youths.

1) Tyra Banks tells us to ‘Be a Star’ from the Disney Channel Original Movie Life Size

Tyra, who plays a life size live version of a doll, sings her own theme song and gets a bunch of old fogies to really break it down at a corporate event.

Tyra taught me if a party is really stinking, what you need to do is ask the band if they can play a theme song to a children’s toy. They won’t know your song but they’ll be able to follow your fabulous lead! Later, be sure to dance with your owner because remember, you are their doll.

2) Protozoa from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century plays his hit single ‘Zoom Zoom Zoom’

When you’re a girl of the future living on a space station and your best friend is Raven Symone, you should definitely be able to get the number one band in the universe to dedicate their hit single to your boyfriend back on Earth.

Also, be sure to get a puffer vest, because clearly everyone in the future who lives on space stations wears them. It’s probably super cold in space. Be sure to take notes when Raven dances onstage with Protozoa. Her dance moves are killer and she really knows how to work a tambourine.

3) The Babysitter’s Club saves Claudia from FAILURE with ‘The Center of The Chain’ rap

I’m not sure what sort of class Claudia is in that has her learning that only a couple pieces make up the heart and like four parts constitute the brain, but whatever. It’s really nice of her friends to help her out.

This rap is excellent to learn in case you ever forget that the brain is indeed the center of the chain.

4) Meryl sings ‘I See Me’ in Death Becomes Her

I can’t believe the audience isn’t enjoying this musical. They actually get up and leave in the middle of the performance. So rude. Meryl is doing a bang up job on all fronts.

How can you not love a number that goes from Broadway jazz to Disco and includes waving a boa around? Bruce Willis is right: Meryl is sensational.

5) Kirsten Dunst cheers her top off in Bring it On

This isn’t a musical number, per se, since it’s a cheer – but they are dancing their hearts out and their tops off. Kiki D. (as I call Kirsten) passionately throws herself into the number. If you ever have to explain your job title to someone, I recommend constructing a cheer routine.

If all else fails on the dance floor, just take off your top. If people judge you, pretend it was a total accident. Even though it totally wasn’t!!!

6) ‘Dr. Zaius’ from Planet of the Apes: The Musical from The Simpsons

The Simpsons have so many classic musical numbers it’s hard to choose just one. I went with ‘Dr. Zaius’ because I always seem to find myself singing the refrain…

This musical number totally ruined the original Planet of the Apes for me, but I didn’t even care because this song was so amazing.

7) Stephanie Tanner breaks it down Motown Philly style

Stephanie Tanner is amazing. We all know this. She might be the ideal role model for learning some hot moves to take out onto the dance floor.

8 ) ‘Day by Day’ as performed by the campers in Wet Hot American Summer

Appreciate how invested in the number the campers and counselors get – among whom are Elizabeth Banks and Amy Poehler. Sure, it’s amateur hour, but who doesn’t like hand motions acting out the lyrics in the song being sung?

Michael Showalter is right about Day Bidet. He’s absolutely right about that ditty.

9) The musical Midsummer Night’s Dream from Get Over It

This movie is admittedly terrible. But I really enjoy it. You’ve got a star-studded cast, a few songs thrown in, and a teen musical version of Shakespeare directed by Martin Short. It’s fantastic.

This movie has Sisqo in it, for God’s sakes. Sisqo. The ‘Thong Song’ guy. If that’s not a great movie, then I don’t know what is.

10) ‘Waterloo’ from Muriel’s Wedding

Toni Colette and Rachel Griffiths bring the tiny house down on vacation and finally get the best of the mean girls from their high school.

This is a weird movie, but a good one. I’m not sure where Toni and Rachel found full on ABBA outfits at a resort on the day of the big talent show, but whatever. Good on them.

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