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Yes, Wear White After Labor Day!

I asked if any of you had fashion queries on my Twitter page and got an enormous response! I will tackle as many questions as I can, right here, for the next few weeks! Let’s get started…

@poetruberson writes: Where did the no white after labor day rule come from?

Well, there are many  theories but all and all, it’s an outdated rule that was popular in the 1950s and ’60s when everyone dressed up daily. If you were a woman and always wearing a dress, you would wanted to stay away from a white dress and shoes in the winter. Winter was (is) when the weather in most of the country was harsh and therefore white would be hard to keep warm in and keep clean. Today, however, wearing the right piece of white clothing in Fall and Winter is super chic.

@Aly_070 writes: so no white after labor day? i JUST got a cute pair of white shorts n a nice blue+grey top from a friend

Wear it, girl! But if they’re shorts, I would say wear it until it’s too cold. You can rock blue denim shorts in cooler temps with tights but white shorts and tights won’t work as well.

To further explore…In the words of Nina Garcia, Fashion Director of Marie Claire: “White is chic all year round. Rules are made to be broken.” Yes, preach on sister! Seriously, I have a problem with most fashion rules, especially the ones that have to do with color. No white after Labor Day. Don’t mix navy and black. Don’t wear red if you’re a red head. Blah, blah, blah! There are ways to work around any rule, so why bother with them in the first place?

Here are some styling tips for wearing white when Summer’s over: Go for muted whites instead of super bright whites. Layer up with chunky white knits. Grab a pair of corduroys in white or cream, in place of white jeans or slacks. Whatever white you choose, winter it up with boots, tights, blazers, jackets and layers. Happy Shopping!

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