WWBD Part Two: Nails in the Coffin… Drusilla Kills it With Her Manicure

We love to celebrate a solid manicure here on Hellogiggles, so I thought I would highlight one of my all time favorite nail queens: Drusilla. Dru has more than a manicure; her nails are weapons and instruments of hypnosis. Her nails also seem to reveal where she is in her life (or, eternal life as it were).

Drusilla was a beautiful and pious young catholic girl living with her family in London. She believed her psychic abilities were “evil” and she sought to enter a nunnery to cleanse herself.  Her bare nails are symbolic of her innocence and purity at this time in her life.

Bare nails. Not even buffed or clear polish… She’s practically a saint!!!

Alas, poor Drusilla. Our dear friend Angelus became obsessed with her goodness and set his sights on destroying her. In 1860, he brutally murdered each member of her family, driving her to the edge of insanity. She fled to a convent and he followed her. He killed everyone there in front of her, pushing her over the edge into madness and then he sired her. In her early vampire days (um, nights), Drusilla had a blood red manicure that reflected her new power, as well as ladylike yet racy lace gloves.

Look out William…. Mrrrrrow!!!

Around 1880, she met young William. He was a mamas boy and a hopelessly romantic poet. Dru sired him to become William the Bloody, or Spike. Spike is the Sid to Dru’s Nancy, or maybe vice versa. It was quite the love affair. They ran rampant in Europe with their bloody adventures. At some point they were attacked by a mob in Prague and Drusilla was left weak and frail. It is after this that they headed to Sunnydale with hopes that the Hellmouth itself would restore Drusilla’s strength and health. Even though it looked badass, Drusillas black and white reverse French manicure was associated with her weak and extra crazy state.

Excellent nail shot.

Aren’t they cute? Spike and Dru that is. Well, and her nails.

I love her.

Then Spike found a cure for all that ailed her: Angel’s blood. With the return of her strength and bloodlust, we see Drusilla’s nails back to blood red and with white tips. Soooo evil and cool. And dangerous…

Look at these bad boys. She’sssssss back!!!


Gratuitous mani shot.

See my point?

I hope you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane with Drusilla’s nails. I sure did. They are an unsung hero in the Buffyverse in my humble, non-expert opinion. What other details have you all loved in the Buffyverse? Cheerleading trophies with moving eyes, anyone?

I might need to go get my nails done now.

Images all screenshots via Netflix.com, Main image via Fanpop.com.