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I write kind notes to strangers to help make the world a better place

One night after school I was on the bus riding to dance class when I happened to come across a website called The World Needs More Love Letters. It talked about Hannah Brencher, a 24-year-old who was hit with depression after moving to New York following college and decided on one lonely afternoon that, to combat her feelings, she wanted to reach out to someone. This feeling inspired her to write positive letters to complete strangers that she would drop all over New York. These little acts not only gave her something to focus on, but made her better knowing she had made somebody’s day a little brighter with just a few comforting words. And so her movement began.

After reading her story, I was utterly inspired. I was moved by how a little gesture could change someone’s day for the better. Immediately I wanted to follow in her footsteps, and so I grabbed a post-a-note out of my school bag and wrote a little anonymous kind note that I stuck on the back of the bus seat for the next person to read. Doing this made me feel happily warm inside that perhaps I had made someone’s day a little brighter. From that moment on, I continued to write these little affirmations that I would stick on park benches, posts along the street, within books at the local bookstore and on the bus for strangers to fall upon. Here are some I have written:

I’ve found while doing these anonymouse kind deeds that it not only brightens up your day but the days of other people around you. There are not enough nice things said to one another in today’s society, where it is so easy to criticize, especially with the Internet at hand.

Here are three ways I’ve found writing kind notes can make a positive impact on the world and why you should begin this train of kindness:

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